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About La Sportiva Shoes

From trail running to rock climbing, La Sportiva Canada represents the pinnacle of outdoor footwear purposely built to help you chase your goals.

The Many Benefits of La Sportiva Canada

La Sportiva Canada is a premium mountain brand that specializes in outdoor footwear and equipment. They have dependable shoes for running, trail running, rock climbing, and hiking. Aimed at serious athletes and steady outdoor enthusiasts, La Sportiva shoes support goals like long-distance mountain running, ridge scrambling, rock climbing, and backpacking.
La Sportiva has carved out a particularly well-received niche in the rock climbing world. Their climbing shoes are top-notch with reliable traction and a durable design. Many professional, and amateur climbers rely on La Sportiva to support their endeavors. The company ... has also received accolades for its La Sportiva hiking shoes and trail runners.
All La Sportiva shoes share common elements, including a fantastic grip that provides solid ground contact and foot security. They are mostly lightweight in design and don’t carry the rigid feel of traditional boots; however, the comfort, climbing support, Vibram soles, and selection of superb products set them apart.

Time-tested and Trustworthy

La Sportiva is an Italian-born company focused on mountain footwear. They’ve been around for nearly 100 years and had a global headquarters near the world-famous Dolomite Mountains. Through the generations, they have made a name for themselves as a dedicated outdoor company constantly committed to creating the best footwear available.
The focus of La Sportiva has always been on feet. The Italian Dolomites have long been a trad and sport climbing paradise, demanding appropriate shoes to conquer. With the recent explosion of ultralight trail running, the company developed a line of responsive and reliable running shoes for mountain running athletes. La Sportiva Canada has done a fantastic job of responding quickly to emerging trends that connect outdoor people and help grow their customer base.
With carefully curated products and periodic updates to iconic shoes, La Sportiva's most popular offerings are always up to the challenge. Popular rock climbing shoe models include the Theory and Solution Comp. La Sportiva’s mountain running offerings include the Bushido II, Blizzard, Jackal, and Karacal. Not to be outdone, the hiking department is another highlight, with the Ultra Raptor, Helios III, Nucleo, and Tx4 emerging as worthy additions to an already impressive La Sportiva hiking shoe catalog.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is La Sportiva a good brand?

Yes. La Sportiva has done an excellent job positioning itself as a leader in climbing, hiking, and running shoes. As a result of extensive research, testing, and customer comments, La Sportiva's products address key needs and compare well against other brands in this space.

Are La Sportiva shoes expensive?

Billed as a premium brand, La Sportiva shoes tend to cost more than other brands. Unlike many lifestyle brands, however, with La Sportiva, you undoubtedly get what you pay for. The meticulous focus on details is a sign of their unwavering commitment to creating fantastic products. The quality of La Sportiva items more than justifies the price.

Do La Sportiva shoes run true to size?

The answer to this and other size questions depends on what type of shoe you’re going for. As it relates to climbing shoe orders, La Sportiva recommends a fit one or two sizes under your regular street shoes. For hiking shoe orders, La Sportiva recommends users add about half a size larger than regular footwear with the same advice given for trail running shoes. A good-fitting shoe will feel snug without hurting or squeezing your toes, which is a sign that the shoe is too tight.

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