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About LEKI Poles

World class innovation calls for worldwide recognition. We’re proud to offer the best skiing, trekking, and hiking pole companies out there. If you’re looking for a renowned pole with a great track record and superb reliability, look no further than the legendary LEKI.

A Baked Beginning

LEKI got a rather unexpected start. Founded by Karl Lenhart in 1948, the company began as a spin off from his wood carving business that focused on wooden bakery tags. Being an avid skier himself, Karl used his factory to produce grips and baskets. As the years went on, he improved production volume and, in the 70s, began manufacturing the first, cutting-edge ski pole sold under the LEKI marker.
Over the years, the company has innovated various technologies to improve pole performance everywhere. From the very first fibreglass composite shafts, mounting sleeves, antishock technology, the famous trigger system (leading the way in grip systems), micro sticks to their speed... lock system, LEKI has permanently claimed their spot as the best pole manufacturer in the world.

Legendary Athletes

From alpine to Nordic skiing and trail running to freeski, LEKI is endorsed by the most elite athletes around the globe. The brand has sponsored sports women and men from over 13 countries including Canada, the USA, Italy, Switzerland, and Austria.
Their extensive list of endorsers ranges from professional skiers like Alexis Pinturault, Markéta Davidová, Kira Weidle, Jesper Tjäder to renowned trail runners including Dylan Bowman, Jasmin Nunige, Lu Yangchun, and many, many more.

Break It Down

Sustainability is a key factor in LEKI’s success and, just like their Cross Trail FX poles, the brand likes to break down their waste. Each component of a LEKI pole is specifically designed to be recycled after retiring from the field. Plastic, steel, aluminum, and carbon components are all given a second life after being processed in a German recycling factory––a facility dubbed C02 neutral.
Manufacturing is shared between factories in Germany and the Czech Republic. This allows the brand to monitor worker safety, reduce transit waste, and production quality. By building a high-quality product, LEKI ensures a long lasting pole to keep landfills empty and mother nature happy. But, they know that’s only half the battle. The brand offers a 10-year availability guarantee to improve the longevity of your poles with their servicing and repair programme.
LEKI is a leader in quality, social responsibility, and earth preservation. Whether you’re heading out to the slopes or trekking it on the Pacific Crest Trail, grab a pair of LEKI’s for your next adventure. You won’t be disappointed.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to choose hiking poles?

When shopping around for hiking poles, there is a science to it that should not be ignored. To determine the height of your next pair of poles, your arm should be bent at 90 degrees when the pole is set to its mid height. Also consider whether you prefer a collapsible or an adjustable pair, the type of handgrip, and weight. Thru-hikers should opt for a pair that is light and compact, whereas skiers should focus on something a little more durable.

Are LEKI trekking poles worth it?

LEKI trekking poles are certainly worth it but it also depends on what you’re looking for in a trekking pole. LEKI has been a leader in the pole industry for a very long time and that’s not from a bout of luck, they’ve put in the work to make good quality poles through extensive research and engineering. In addition to their signature weight––practically nothing––LEKI offers a range of poles that are collapsible, foldable, secure, and pretty stylish.

Where are LEKI poles manufactured?

LEKI poles are manufactured in Europe. The majority of their production occurs in the Czech Republic where the company runs their own factory. This allows the company to monitor the process to ensure quality control.

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