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Lowa Boots: high-quality hiking boots and more

Lowa has a history dating back to 1923. That means it’s one hundred years in the making! This German company was founded near Munich where it maintains a headquarters to this day. Speaking of “to this day”, these days, the company makes around 2.7 million pairs of shoes. That’s a lot of happy feet.
Lowa makes outdoor boots. This means that their boots are great for hiking, but also for any other activity that you do in the great outdoors. Their lightweight composition makes them ideal for travel and their grippy soles make them prepared for any terrain. Plus, Lowa boots are extremely sustainable — more on that next.

A company leading the way in corporate responsibility

As a German company, Lowa boots are made in the European Union (EU). This means that their collections are subject to the strict manufacturing laws of the EU. Fair employee standards and minimizing wasteful practices are a part of the brand’s identity.
Lowa also gives back to environmental causes. They support many non-profit organizations including the World Wildlife Fund.... They have also supported the reforestation of Bavaria.

The best part about Lowa boots

So what’s the best part about owning a pair of Lowa boots? For one thing, durability is something you can count on. You can expect a pair of Lowa shoes to last you through many different seasons. This is good news for both the natural environment and for your wallet.
Customers also rave about the comfort that Lowa shoes offer. This is mostly thanks to the shoe’s midsole, which is made from polyurethane (PU). This type of PU is very flexible which helps make the shoes fit to your feet from the first time you put them on. This means that there isn’t a painful break-in period.
Lowa makes boots for men, women, and children — they’ve got the whole family covered.

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At Altitude Sports, we believe in the power of a great outdoor adventure. That’s why we carefully choose the brands that we carry, focusing on ones that offer quality and enrichment. No matter which terrain you’re tackling next, you can’t go wrong with Lowa.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Lowa a good boot brand?

Yes, Lowa is a great boot brand. They have 100 years of history of shoe-making and make a very high-quality product.

Where does Lowa make its boots?

Lowa makes its shoes in the EU. Specifically Slovakia, Italy, and Germany.

Is Lowa an American company?

Lowa is a German company, but they have offices in the US, Switzerland, Italy, and Slovakia.

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