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About Mackage Jackets

Stay above the elements with the best outerwear for Canadian Winters. Mackage is the point where style, protection and warmth intersect.

The Cold Never Looked This Good: A History of Mackage

Born in Montreal in 1999, Mackage came to life with a clear vision. Founder Eran Elfassy wanted to elevate outerwear, providing both protection and fashion. The winters in Montreal are notoriously cold, and the ability to keep people both warm and stylish presented a unique opportunity. A Mackage Jacket boasts extraordinary quality and high-performance protection.
In the years since its founding, the pinpoint focus of Mackage on its featured outerwear has allowed them to create a durable and well-respected luxury outerwear brand. The company uses the finest leathers, down, and wool to create its ...signature products. With a mission to marry function and fashion, the company has become highly desirable.
By 2022 Mackage had stores in Canada, the United Kingdom, the United States, China, South Korea and Japan. All of these countries have areas that experience comparably cold winters to those in Montreal, representing a targeted and thoughtful expansion of their core offerings. Mackage is out to prove that cold, gray winters can be weathered with stylish, colourful and iconic jackets.

Mackage: Only the Finest in Quality, Style and Warmth

Mackage featured outerwear is well-known and well-loved. From the Kay Down Coat to the Kennie Lustrous Down Parka and 2-in-1 Tailored Wool Coat, the options reflect the quality of Mackage products. More than just jackets, Mackage also offers Cashmere Knit Beanies, Down Vests, Trench Coats, Rain Parkas, and Leather Gloves.
The products that bare the Mackage name are built to last and can withstand some of the harshest winter conditions around. Even during the coldest, darkest days of winter, Mackage says you shouldn't need to sacrifice looks and style in order to stay warm. Whether it's fringed with down, raccoon fur, natural fur, or wool, each featured outerwear item is meticulously crafted to bring you the best of both worlds.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Mackage a luxury brand?

Yes, Mackage is categorized as and widely considered to be a luxury outerwear brand. Many of their offerings are made with great attention to dealt and cost more than an average winter coat. A few comparable brands and rivals are Canada Goose, Moncler, and Woolrich.

Is Mackage a Canadian company?

Yes, Mackage is a Canadian company based in Montreal. Currently, Mackage is owned by the APP Group, a Montreal-based parent company with a slate of designers, wholesalers and luxury retailers under their belt. APP Group is owned primarily by a New York City-based group, Lee Equity Partners’ InterLuxe Holdings Group.

Where are Mackage items manufactured?

Mackage tests its items for weather durability at its own laboratory in Canada. The actual manufacturing takes place predominantly in Eastern Europe and China. A small number of items are still manufactured in Canada, but that proportion has decreased over time.

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