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Made in Canada jackets: a choice to feel good about

We try to do our best to buy our food locally, so why not our clothing?
For the longest time, it simply wasn’t possible to purchase locally-made clothing. The offerings that did exist were slim, and unfortunately rarely were affordable. Luckily, we have seen an explosion of great Canadian brands over recent years. It’s not easier than ever to prepare for the cold season by shopping locally.
Not only are locally-made jackets made from sustainable materials, but they also offer lasting quality. Long gone are the days of buying a new winter parka with every year that goes by. Our planet deserves better than landfills that just fill up higher and higher.

Shop Canada Goose and other Canadian brands

Canada Goose might just be the most famous Canadian brand on the market. It’s hard to spend a winter in Montreal, Toronto, or even Vancouver without spotting a Canada Goose winter coat somewhere on the horizon. And luckily for those who love the style of the Canada Goose jacket, you can be rest assured that they’re all manufactured in Canada.
Other companies who manufacture their winter coats in Canada include Quartz Co. and Kanuk. While Canada Goose is headquartered in Toronto, both Quartz Co and Kanuk are headquartered in Quebec, a place known for their harsh winters.
There are many respectable winter coats made in Europe, but there is no denying there’s an advantage in understanding Canadian winters. In fact, if a jacket is made with Canadian winters in mind, you can be rest assured that you could wear it anywhere in the world and still feel comfortable.

Shop all kinds of “made in Canada” apparel and accessories

We know that buying winter jackets that are made in Canada help ensure that ...we’ll be warm all winter, but there are other benefits too. Your purchase also goes to help support local artisans.
There is a lot that goes into making outerwear. There is the process of making the garments themselves, yes, but there is also a great deal of research that goes into choosing the right fabrics that complement the wearer and their environment.
When you shop at Altitude Sports, you’re supporting another proud Canadian business. We offer a variety of styles for men, women, and children. We offer fast and free shipping of all orders over $74.

Foire aux questions

What is the best winter jacket brand in Canada?

It’s hard to answer the question of which style jacket is best—it really depends on your preferences! Some very well-renowned Canadian winter coat brands include Nobis, Quartz Co., Kanuk, and Canada Goose.

Is Nobis a Canadian brand?

Yes, Nobis is a Canadian brand. It is based in Toronto.

Is Canada Goose actually Canadian?

Yes, Canada Goose is truly a Canadian company. It was founded in Toronto in 1957.

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