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Matt and Nat: a fan favourite since the 1990s

Montreal-based Matt and Nat has an influence far beyond their city, province, and country. In fact, the Matt and Nat name is just about legendary among men and women who care about sustainability. If you have made an effort to shop vegan, then you’ve definitely come across Matt and Nat.
Matt and Nat have a history that dates back to 1995. The company has had a commitment to the natural environment since its first day. It makes sense, then, that the company’s name stands for mat(t)erial and nature. Matt and Nat show their passion for the environment by refraining from using animal products of any kind in their products. They are also constantly seeking out new, more sustainable ways to create their products.

Explore durable items made from recycled materials

Matt and Nat items offer a kind of simplicity that makes them timeless. Found in a variety of neutral, solid colours, these items match with your everyday essentials. This makes them an economical choice. There is nothing better than mixing and matching.
From wallets to shoes to bags in every shape and size, there are products available for every season. Each backpack comes in a different shape and size — choose the one that’s most ...fitting for your activities.
Matt and Nat are already known for their use of recycled materials. But the company is diving even deeper into this commitment. They have experimented with making items out of unconventional but eco-friendly materials like cork, rubber, and even pieces of car windshields.
Since 2007, every Matt and Nat backpack has been made from recycled plastic bottles. The company recycles a staggering 9 million plastic bottles every year. Finally, a fashionable item that you can feel good about!

Altitude Sports makes it easy to shop Matt and Nat

Matt and Nat does have a limited number of retail stores. But unless you live in a major city like Toronto, Vancouver, or Montreal, it can be hard to get your hands on their products. Altitude Sports is happy to change that.
The Altitude Sports online store makes it easy to shop all of your favourite styles in one place. This is true whether you’re looking for a classic black leather backpack or a brand new pair of rain boots. The best part? We offer free shipping across Canada for any order that’s $74 or over.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Matt and Nat Canadian?

Matt and Nat are from Montreal, so yes, they are Canadian!

What is a vegan leather bag?

The term “vegan bag” means that a bag is made with zero animal products. This includes every part of the bag.

Is vegan leather just fake leather?

Yes, the terms “vegan leather” and “synthetic leather” are interchangeable. Vegan leather is a leather-like material that’s made from alternative materials, like cork.

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