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There are many benefits to cycling in cold weather. Not only does it allow you to maintain a bike commute year-round, but it also empowers you to enjoy the trails while they’re much less busy.
If you’re used to riding your bike in cold weather, then you know about the concept of cycling leg warmers. But if you haven’t biked in the cold months before—or you’ve just started to do it—then you probably haven’t come across leg warmers before.
Leg warmers help improve your move ability and comfort while riding your bike. They also offer compression technology which some athletes say helps improve their exercise performance by enabling bloodflow which improves efficiency.

How to choose the right leg warmers

When looking for leg warmers, you’ll want to seek out a small enough size that won’t fall off your body while you’re moving around. Some leg warmers will come with internal grips to help ensure that they don’t slip mid-exercise.
Many leg warmers are made from synthetic fibres, which are known for being durable and breathable. Some of the warmer leggings are made from a warmer fabric like fleece. For... an extra level of warmth, seek out leggings that come with an insulated interior.
Depending on the climate of the area you live in, you might need to invest in leggings for a variety of temperatures. If you plan to be riding during rainy weather, look for waterproof or water-resistant leggings.
It’s not just about your legs, either. For full protection while riding your bike, you’ll want to seek out arm warmers, too. Some leg and arm warmers are made for men or women, but many are unisex as well.

When should you wear leg warmers?

Leg warmers are often associated with cycling, but that’s not the only sport where they come in handy. Athletes find that leg warmers are also useful during hiking, dancing, soccer, hockey, lacrosse, and even ice skating. If there’s a sport that takes place during cold weather, leg warmers can come in handy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the point of leg warmers?

Leg warmers are designed to keep your legs warm during colder weather, resulting in a more comfortable, more productive workout.

Are leg warmers out of style?

A comfortable workout never goes out of style—so no, leg warmers are not out of style!

Do you wear socks with leg warmers?

Yes, you can wear socks both underneath and on top of leg warmers.

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