Men's One-Piece Snowsuits

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About Men’s One Piece Snowsuits

It doesn’t get more serious than a one piece snowsuit. Designed for the most intense weather patterns and deepest of snowfall, these suits offer unparalleled defense against the elements.

Superior Insulation and Snow Protection

If you have the privilege of living in rugged arctic conditions, you’re likely well acquainted with the concept behind a men’s onesie snowsuit. While their trendiness is just beginning to rise, there’s no question about the high-performing function that these winter garments offer. If you’re seeking the utmost protection against frigid conditions, there’s truly no better choice in outdoor apparel. A one piece snowsuit operates similarly to mittens. They keep your entire body sealed and allow the natural warmth you produce to do the insulating job for you. The ability of your own thermal energy to keep yourself warm can not be overlooked. One piece snowsuits utilize this impressive natural feat.
Besides the absolute warmth that these suits provide, they also offer a layer of protection against the snow that can’t be found with other winter clothing - especially a jacket and pants. One of the most uncomfortable things about skiing deep powder or romping around in the snow is that it inevitably finds its way... inside your apparel. Sneaking up the inside liner of your coat, there’s nothing more frustrating. Preventing snow from going up your back keeps you going for longer, uninterrupted.

Designed for the Harshest Conditions on Earth

While a premium men’s snowsuit one piece can withstand the coldest environments, even Antarctica, this doesn’t mean they need to be reserved for the extreme. One piece snowsuits have a diverse range of applications that can be used in all winter climates for all types of activities. Skiing and snowboarders can easily benefit from the sealed protection these suits provide against snow, allowing them to blast through deep powder like it’s nobody's business. Even wearing one while building an igloo with your children can save you the hassle of unwanted snow inside your clothing.
If you do intend to bring your snowsuit into the most tundra-like environments, you can rest assured knowing that you have dependable gear that’ll keep you shielded against treacherous polar conditions.

Shop Men’s One Piece Snow Suits at Altitude Sports

When you need a men’s one piece snow suit for Canada and other Northern regions, you can rely on Altitude Sports to provide the products you’re after. Specializing in quality brands and dedicated to outdoors excellence, we are the store for all of your gear.
When your purchase a snowsuit from us, you’ll benefit from free shipping on any order over $49. With our flexible 60-day return policy, you can feel free to try on any item you want and send it back if you’re not completely satisfied.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a one-piece snowsuit called?

A one-piece snowsuit comes in many different names. For children, they’re often referred to as a onesie. For adults, particularly skiers and snowboarders, “freedom suit” is often used.

Are one-piece ski suits warmer?

Yes. One piece suits are much warmer than a standard jacket and pant combination, or even bibs. These suits trap in 100% of your body heat, keeping you nice and toasty.

Can you ski in a snowsuit?

Absolutely. Snowsuits used to be the preferred skiing apparel for competition. Today, they’re still very practical and perform exceptionally well on powder days.

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