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About Men’s Rain Jackets

Living in a wet climate means that torrential downpours can strike at any time. With a quality men’s rain jacket, you're more than prepared for what nature throws at you.

Precipitation Has Nothing on You

As the saying goes, “There’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad gear and bad attitudes.” Experienced outdoorsmen know that this couldn’t be closer to the truth. Bad weather has the potential to ruin a trip, but with the proper clothing and equipment, all frustration can be prevented. A men’s rain jacket for Canada’s unpredictable wet seasons is the perfect accessory to any adventurer's wardrobe. In many ways, it’s essential.
A proper rain jacket can extend a journey when it would otherwise be halted. Unless paired with lightning and thunderstorms, rain truly is nothing to worry about. However, wearing... clothing that’s not waterproof will surely ruin your experience out in nature. Modern men’s rain jackets feature cutting-edge weather-proofing that can hold up against even the most drenching of rain storms. While you might be soaked on the outside, all of your inner layers will be dry and toasty.

The Latest Integrated Clothing Technology

The technical concepts behind waterproof rain jackets have come miles since their inception. Today, outdoor hikers, cyclists, and even casual urban dwellers will find that the engineering behind a rain jacket is out of this world. Older jackets were often suffocating against the skin, not allowing any air to flow through the thicker weather and windproof layers. Modern jackets feature multiple vents for increased breathability, both inside and out.
Mobility has also witnessed a marked improvement. Today’s styles allow for a complete range of motion, never preventing athletes from utilizing their entire body. Stretch fabric is now common, replacing the bulky synthetic plastic layers that were previously used. The combination of technology that individuals now see with raincoats allows them to fully embrace rainstorms, almost as if they weren’t occurring.

The Top Rain Jacket Brands at Altitude Sports

At Altitude Sports, there’s a style of raincoat suited for every type of individual. From rock climbing alpinists to city commuters, we provide the protection against the elements that all men need. Black Diamond makes an exceptional line of rain jackets intended for use by rock climbers. Compatible with a climbing helmet and incorporating a built-in loop for carabiners, you’ll be ready to hit the wall in all conditions. Our Mountain Hardwear rain jackets are a standard option for campers and the general public with their lightweight versatility.
The North Face Balfron Jacket is the perfect powder companion. Featuring an elastic powder skirt and seamless jacket-to-pant integration, rogue snow will never get inside your gear when you’re making fresh tracks in the woods. If pure style is what you’re looking for, the Volcom Longo Pullover Jacket looks great in the park and off-piste. A toggle cinch hood keeps your neck protected again chapping winds and snow storms, whereas the handwarmer pockets are great for when you’re riding the lift on those cold mornings.
Purchase a men’s rain coat from our online store today and receive free shipping on all orders over $74. Additionally, don’t be afraid to send back any product that you’re not completely satisfied with. Our 30-day return policy ensures you always get the perfect item.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is GORE-TEX still the best?

GORE-TEX is still the leading material for waterproof protection. With vent holes 20,000 times smaller than a water droplet, moisture has no way of entering, while still allowing vapor to escape.

Which rain jacket is best for heavy rain?

The Black Diamond Liquid Point GTX shell is exceptionally waterproof, featuring 2.5 layers of GORE-TEX Paclite protection. Helly Hansen and The North Face also make high-performing products.

How tight should a waterproof jacket be?

A waterproof jacket should not be skin-tight. While it shouldn’t be baggy, you stil want the ability to move around freely.

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