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About MSR Canada

Wild adventures require practical gear to make the journey easier. MSR has a trusted reputation for innovative, outdoors products that never succumb to failure.

Outdoor Ingenuity: The Roots of Mountain Safety Research

It’s rare to find a product that’s crafted from the purely utilitarian perspective of an engineer. Mountain Safety Research, or MSR, is the culmination of exactly that. In 1969, Seattle-based engineer and long-time mountaineer Larry Penberthy set out to improve the overall safety of the climbing equipment he was using. He found that more times than not, the gear he was trusting with his life underperformed its stated capabilities. Dedicated to improving mountaineering and outdoor safety, Penberthy committed himself to pioneering products that all backcountry thrillseekers could benefit from.
What started out as a simple newsletter supported by member donations quickly grew into a brand that altered, improved, and invented a massive assortment of outdoor adventure equipment. Today, MSR continues in its ...determination to manufacture high-grade products that prioritize the ultimate functionality and versatility that wilderness seekers are after.

Dedicated to a Positive Climate Footprint

A core philosophy of Ice bugs Canada is making it easier for people to get out in nature. This isn’t possible unless we all take steps towards sustainability, preserving the outdoors for decades to come. Icebug designs its products in an intentional way, ensuring that environmental friendliness is never sacrificed for material profit. Every shoe model is continuously analyzed to see if better, less-impactful materials can be utilized.
In the Spring of 2019, Icebug became the first climate-positive manufacturer of outdoor shoes. With climate-saving investments, our entire production process is guaranteed to actually reduce the amount of carbon emitted into the atmosphere.

From Climbing Equipment to MSR Tents Canada

While mountaineering and extreme climbing were a passion and focus of Penberthy, he quickly realized that the entire outdoors industry needed an advocate that would trailblaze improved product design. As a result, MSR is now the comprehensive manufacturer of every piece of trusted backcountry equipment you need, and Altitude Sports is proud to stock it.
Camping and thru-hiking gear are where the brand truly shines. MSR provides everything you need to have a successful, lightweight adventure out on the trail. When you’re miles from the nearest road, likely without service, you need backpacking products that you can rely on. Equipment failure is simply not an option, as it means your excursion will either be cut short or be severely limited. From long-burning camp fuel and cooking utensils to all-weather shelter protection, MSR’s camping gear is made for all the conditions you may face.

Shop MSR at Altitude Sports

If you’re looking for the best deal on your MSR purchase, Altitude Sports always has the pricing and products you're after. We carry a complete inventory of MSR equipment that ensures you’ll have everything you need to hit the backcountry ready. With safety, functionality, and premium quality in mind, MSR continues to be the leading brand for backpacking and camping equipment.
Whether you need convenient, compact cookware for a short overnight hike on your favorite trail, or you need MSR lightning ascent snowshoes for a winter journey through waist-deep snowpack, Altitude Sports is committed to having the product selection to stock every adventure. Keep us on your radar for the MSR Black Friday sale to score the latest products at the very best prices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are MSR products made?

Nearly every MSR product is manufactured in the company’s starting city, Seattle. MSR also operates a manufacturing facility in Cork, Ireland.

Is MSR a good brand?

MSR is well-regarded as the top brand for outdoor products relating to the backpacking, camping, and mountaineering industry.

Who is MSR owned by?

MSR is currently owned by its parent company Cascade Designs, which acquired the brand in 2001. Formerly, MSR was owned by REI who had purchased the company in 1981.

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