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About Naked & Famous

Naked & Famous denim is a Canadian brand that exclusively sources its material as raw Japanese denim. Brandon Svarc founded the company in 2008 and has family ties to the fashion industry that dates back decades.
Eliminating celebrity endorsement and advertising, Brandon never wanted the denim to be known and recognized by who was wearing it; he’d rather let the quality and sometimes absurdness, speak for itself. One concept that’s practically unheard of in the denim industry today is that Naked & Famous will never pre-distress their denim jeans.
Over the years, Naked & Famous has released some interesting concepts to the... fashion industry such as scratch-and-sniff denim, thermochromic denim, and even glow-in-the-dark denim. Whereas most raw denim companies stick hard and fast to traditional cuts and designs as vintage reproduction, this company chooses to forge its own path in the raw denim community.

Naked & Famous and Altitude Sports

Altitude Sports lists products and brands from traditional companies, as well as listing products from newer companies to the market. Small or large, well-known or under the radar, we look for quality, innovation, inspiration, and durability.
Raw Japanese denim from Naked & Famous checks all the boxes. It doesn’t hurt that they’re Canadian through and through, either. This company has even gone so far as to expand into the garment line of business, offering classic neutral t-shirts that are a perfect pairing for any denim jeans listed alongside them.

Incredible Details in Each Jeans

This company not only puts a large amount of creativity into designing new fabrics but there’s an extraordinary amount of craftsmanship and intent behind every stitch and seam. From the weaving technique to the tapered and unique fits, each pair of pants could tell a story of its inception.
Attention to detail is prized with this company, and you won’t find a pair of jeans pre-distressed. In fact, this is something the founder advocates for; the customer deserves to distress a pair to their specifications and uniqueness.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much will Naked & Famous jeans shrink?

While this may depend on the weight of the denim itself, usually a pair of jeans will shrink less than 10% on the first wash. It’s recommended that you wash your denim according to the care tag instructions.

Do Naked & Famous Jeans fit true to size?

In general, these jeans fit true to size. If you like your jeans a little snug, you may want to size down, and vice versa for a more baggy fit. Review our product reviews to see customer testimony about fit.

What is elephant denim?

Elephant denim is Naked & Famous’ 19 oz. heavyweight denim. Designed, reviewed, and improved ten times, the newest Elephant X denim pays homage to the very first Elephant denim which includes the indigo warp exterior.

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