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Founded in 2007 by a Portland-based collective that included a former Marmot executive, a group of fashion entrepreneurs decided to start an eco-friendly clothing brand, drawing inspiration from a trip to Polynesia. The executives chose a name inspired by the Maori greeting "Nau Mai! Haere Mai!" - meaning "Welcome! Come in!." The name, which is pronounced "now," is a call to action. To its founders, it resonates as a contemporary, sustainable approach to West Coast apparel. Think ‘green' fibers and fabrics, sustainable manufacturing, and pioneering environmental programs. A decade into existence, Nau has made huge inroads into eco-fashion with a stylish line of men’s and women’s apparel. Their clothing includes ethical down jackets, warm wool tops, and casual styles made of recycled fabrics, each infused with technical details perfect for Canadian weather.

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