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The idea for NEMO Equipment was born in 2002, on the side of Mount Washington, where founder Cam Brensinger spent five sleepless hours in a poorly designed bivy. Decades and a string of awards later, the brand's belief hasn’t changed: Intelligently designed gear enables the adventures that bring out your best self.

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About NEMO Equipment Canada

For more than 20 years, NEMO Equipment has been designing quality outdoor supplies meant to last a lifetime. For your next adventure, choose NEMO’s high-performing gear so you can focus on the path ahead.

Unique Beginnings

After a turbulent trek with a poorly made bivy back in 2002, Cam Brensinger realised there was something missing in the outdoor gear industry: quality. And, so, NEMO Equipment was born. After two, hardworking years of testing and innovation in New Hampshire, NEMO opened to the public in 2004.
It was that year that they launched their first proprietary product: an airbeam-supported tent––for which they... won numerous awards from the likes of TIME and Popular Science. Since then, they are driven by the quality they can achieve, not how big they can scale the company.
Setting the bar for quality outdoor gear for over 20 years, NEMO is regarded as one of the best companies in the industry. As lovingly stated by the company themselves, “Design Like You Give A Damn” is the spirit that stands behind each and every one of their products.

Sustainability Forever

NEMO focuses on five main pillars to improve the wellbeing of our planet: design & innovation, responsible sourcing, carbon accountability, advocacy for people & the planet, and corporate governance. And, it all starts with the product.
When the brand was just four years old, NEMO began producing gear from upcycled prototypes, bamboo material, made sleeping bags with Responsible Down Standard, and became a founding member of OIA Climate Action Corps.
Today, the company excels in their sustainability practices. They are now Climate Neutral Certified, a bluesign® partner, released a proprietary OSMO™ fabric (made of 100% recycled fibres), and offer a gear trade-in programme––but this is only the tip of the iceberg. Along with a plethora of other actionable causes, the company has set a goal to reduce their emissions in half by the year 2030.
At NEMO, sustainable practices go beyond the product. That’s why they offer one of the best working environments. From their super cool PTO volunteer programme and 100% health & dental coverage to paid parental leave and career advancement opportunities, NEMO offers an extensive list of employee perks to ensure a safe and healthy workplace.

It’s All In The Endorsements

NEMO Equipment carefully considers the people who endorse the company and the relationships they build. They take care to ensure that their line up of ambassadors breathes inclusivity in the outdoor world and represents everyone.
From climbing guide Mario Stanley and outdoor enthusiast Luz Lituma to rock and ice climber Laurie Watt, NEMO is proudly worn by some of the most renowned outdoorspeople on the planet. Partnering with organisations such as Camp Yoshi and Latinxhikers, NEMO supports communities that are underrepresented in the outdoor space.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is NEMO a good brand?

NEMO is a good brand. The company was founded by a passionate outdoorsman from New Hampshire. Combining his love of the great outdoors and a thirst for the best gear, Cam Brensinger has created an admirable company full of dedication.
Through hard work and sustainable practices, NEMO Equipment employs professionals to create high-quality camping and hiking gear that lasts for years.

Where is NEMO equipment based?

NEMO Equipment is based out of Dover, New Hampshire––a state known for its endless nature and outdoor activities.

Who is NEMO owned by?

NEMO or, New England Mountain Outfitters, is owned by Cam Brensinger who happens to also be the founder of NEMO Equipment. Cam remains the CEO of the company since its inception back in 2002.

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