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Norrona: a beloved Norwegian name in outerwear

Norrona, or Norrøna, is an outdoor clothing brand that can trace its roots all the way back to 1929. Headquartered in Lysaker, a community in greater Oslo, Norway, Norrona remains a family-run business to date. It’s run by the founder’s great-grandson.
Norrona is well-known for employing a group of researchers who learn about the best materials and clothing designs for extreme weather. This clinical approach to fashion has worked out well for the company. There’s no question that Norrona is one of the top companies for outdoor gear today.

Fun in the fresh air

With a climate similar to the often-frigid Norway, it’s no surprise that Norrona products are well-received in Canada. This includes both the casual consumer who is looking for the right piece of equipment for their summer travel plans or the enthusiast backcountry hiker. Whether it’s a jacket, tuque, or other accessory, Norrona pours their heart into everything they do.
Norrona is a well-known trendsetter. The company is cited as the first use of leather straps and canvas backpacks. They were the first apparel company to use Gore-Tex in Europe. Norrona was also an early adopter of using cotton ...fabrics in clothing. To date, every article of clothing that Norrona produces is known for its innovation and attention to detail. This makes them easier to put up and take down than other dome tents.

The perfect choice for sport lovers

Norrona is the perfect brand for winter sport lovers. They make apparel for skiing, snowboarding, hiking, climbing, and more. Norrona has a history of hiring professional athletes to perform product research for them. This ensures that Norrona products are designed by athletes, for athletes.
Norrona is also made with the outdoor-loving consumer in mind. If you enjoy camping, there’s a product at Norrona that’s right for you. They were the first company to conceive of the “tunnel tent”. Tunnel tents use two or more poles to create a tunnel-like formation.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Norrona made?

Norrona makes its products at a factory in Kaunas, Lithuania. This factory opened in 2018. Norrona only uses European-made fabrics in its clothing.

Who owns Norrona?

Norrona is owned by Jørgen Jørgensen. He is the great grandson of the company’s original founder, also named Jørgen Jørgensen.

Where is Norrona based out of?

Norrona is based out of Lysaker, Norway, near Oslo.

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