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Oakley likes to push the boundaries of sports performance to open up a world of endless possibilities, whatever your goal is. Founded by Jim Jannard in 1975, the brand first started with motorcycle products, then branched out into optics and eyewear.

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About Oakley Sunglasses

Stylish, vibrant, iconic, and timeless, Oakley products chase the leading edge of sports innovation so you can chase your next adventure with comfort and style.

Oakley Origins

Oakley glasses are among the most recognized in the world. Their journey began in 1975 with a $300 investment from founder Jim Jannard and a focus on motorcycle grips. It wasn’t long until an expansion into eyewear supercharged their ascension into our collective conscience. By 1983, Oakley sold their first pair of ski goggles emblazoned with the classic Oakley logo.
Buoyed in the 1980s by their outrageously popular Frogskin casual sunglasses, Oakley began a relentless push into athletic eyewear and eyeglasses. Synonymous with performance, style, and comfort, Oakley eyewear began selling ...around the world. Through dogged innovation, unique frames, styles, and fits, Oakley carved out a niche in luxury and performance-based products that has influenced countless trends and products since.
In 2007, Oakley was introduced under the Luxottica umbrella in order to help its products reach as many people as possible. Oakley has been worn by celebrities, fashion icons, professional athletes, and people interested in simply wearing the best. True to its tagline, Oakley products embody “Physics, to an elevated art form.”

Honor the Past, Embrace the Future

Change is constant, and every company grapples with how to redefine its existence while staying true to its core values. Oakley, once again, sets the standard. The company’s polarized and non-polarized sunglasses continue to stun with the perfect combination of classic and modern designs that pay homage to the past while ushering in a new and exciting future.
In addition to eyewear, Oakley has expanded into sports apparel and accessories, including helmets, backpacks, beach shorts, clothing, and even shoes. With over 800 patents for proprietary designs and technologies, when you buy an Oakley, you know you’re getting a cutting-edge product designed to last.
After more than half a century of unique product offerings, Oakley seems poised to stick around for another 50 years. The endearing popularity of not only Oakley sunglasses but ski goggles, helmets, and apparel tells you that when you buy from Oakley, you’re getting function, quality, and beauty, all rolled into one hardy package.

Oakley Eyewear For Every Sport

Since 1975, Oakley products have revolutionized the way consumers approach athletic eyewear. Oakley’s focus on motorcycle grips helped them create high-friction earsocks that grip your head and keep eyewear in place. Their proprietary PRIZM technology broke long-held assumptions about what sunglasses could offer by fine-tuning vision for specific environments. The boosted contrast sharpens your visual perception, protects you from UV radiation, and helps downplay glare so you can see everything you need to see.
Oakley’s features are constantly expanding. You can now see in HD with High Definition Optics, which prevents dust or grime from sticking to the lens. Oakley’s switchlock technology also allows you to quickly replace lenses if one, or both, get damaged. Speaking of damage, Oakley sunglasses can take a beating and bounce back, a crucial component for any athlete in any sport.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the origins of the Oakley name?

Oakley was named after founder Jim Jannard’s English Setter “Oakley Anne,” not to be confused with Annie Oakley, the 19th-century American sharpshooter.

Are Oakleys Worth it?

Oakleys may be considered luxury items, and their prices reflect this distinction. Oakleys are expensive due to their aesthetic look, proprietary technology, and brand awareness. With Oakleys style, durability and fit, you get what you pay for.

Where are Oakley products made?

Oakley’s continue to be designed and engineered in the USA. After Luxottica bought Oakley, manufacturing became split between the US, China, and Italy (where Luxottica is headquartered).

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