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Inspired by the Swiss Alps, On was established to ignite the human spirit through motion. Created by athletes, for athletes, their vision is founded on helping us dream bigger and better by revolutionizing the sensation of running, made possible through their innovative running shoes.

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About On Running Shoes

Born from runners, On shoes are defined by two simple principles; a cushioned landing and a firm take-off.

Highly Cushioned Running Shoes

On running shoes are taking the running world by force. With engineering precision and runner’s input, On running shoes have cushioned support in an extremely lightweight design to make you feel like you’re running on a cloud. The goal is to cushion hard footfalls to minimize stress on your feet while providing enough support to launch firmly into your next stride.
On running shoes employ a patented cushioning construction system called CloudTec® to help them reach their goals. Open pods of rubber and zero gravity foam compress to absorb impact forces. The pods also create a firm platform when compressed, which allows for explosive push-offs. Additionally, the open design of the pods saves weight, making them ...some of the lightest running shoes on the market.
In addition to their cushioning, On running shoes also employ a thin plastic layer called a Speedboard® (also patented), which helps direct your feet. As if that wasn't enough, the company has embraced sustainability by launching the Cloudneo, a line of running shoes made from completely recycled material.

Heart and Sole: A history of On

Founded in 2010 in Zurich, Switzerland, it only took a month for On to win its first shoe design award. The three founders combined their expertise in running and engineering to create cushioned shoes that are now sold in 35 countries around the world. The key to their success has been a focus on two critical elements; a soft landing and a firm platform to push off from.
Running shoes have gone through various innovations in the last few decades with a focus on both minimalist and maximalist designs. The minimalist design focuses on lightweight delivery but often lacks comfort. With their offerings, On has answered the call to deliver a comfortable, lightweight shoe while maintaining a snug fit and enough form to cater to most runners.
More than running shoes, On footwear is very stylish, lightweight, and supportive. Hollywood celebrities and famous athletes have been seen walking around in them and often praise the good grip, extra support, and extra cushioning. You don't have to live in a runner's world to reap the benefits of On shoes. On has also expanded into activewear and clothing to support its versatile shoe lines.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are On Trail Running Shoes worth it?

Yes. On running shoes are best for gym sessions, endurance challenges, paved trails, and casual walks in urban environments. They can also be great trail shoes, but the cloudtec pods are open on either side. This means that on dirt or gravel surfaces, debris can get stuck in them, which reduces their effectiveness. Being a minimalist shoe, the comfort is there, but you also feel the ground beneath your feet, which some people may not enjoy.

Are On Running Shoes good for running?

Most of On’s running shoes are focused on a minimalist design combining lightweight technology with performance and just enough cushioning to yield running comfort. They’ve been used extensively and to great effect in the running world. The company has also expanded into a maximalist design with the Cloudstratus, which is not only made from recycled material but is also a podiatrist-recommended shoe with even more cushioning for people experiencing foot pain.

Where are On shoes from?

On shoes were founded and developed by runners and engineers. It all came together in Zurich, Switzerland, between friends David Allemann, Olivier Bernhard, and Caspar Coppetti, who combined their expertise to create something new for runners. The shoes themselves are put together in Vietnam.

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