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About O’Neill Canada

From the very beginning, the spirit of adventure has resided at the heart of O’Neill sportswear. With product distribution in 86 countries around the globe, the brand’s famous wave logo has truly become a cultural icon among both men and women adventurers.

The World’s First Surf Shop

Today, surf shops are a ubiquitous landmark across beach towns and oceanside cities. But it wasn’t always that way. In 1952, Jack O’Neill founded the world’s first official surf shop in San Francisco. It was here that he designed, manufactured, and sold his trademark-style surfboards.
Besides surfboards, Jack O’Neill made a name for himself by selling neoprene wetsuits to divers—a new and innovative product which he had personally invented. Suffice to say that it wasn’t long before business was booming. Jack first expanded to nearby Santa Cruz before ultimately taking the world by storm.
Then, in 1985, Jack at last stepped down as head of the company and passed the torch to his son, Pat. Very much his father’s son, Pat is credited with creating the diving leash found on most modern surfboards. Finally, in 2007, the company was sold to a private firm in Luxembourg, where the company is still headquartered today.
Though Jack O’Neill passed away in 2017 at the age of 94, his rich legacy remains evident in every garment and across every initiative.

Sea Odyssey and Ocean Mission

For decades, O’Neill has made it their mission to make adventure accessible to everyone while also helping to heal our planet. Beginning with their non-profit Sea Odyssey in 1996, they created a program that would give children ...the chance to experience surfing. Today, over 100,000 kids have taken part in this memorable and life-changing opportunity.
Then, in 2010, came Ocean Mission. This time, O’Neill sought to protect and restore the oceans for future generations. How? By partnering with Ocean Wise (a non-profit) and the World Wildlife Fund (a non-governmental organization).
As a way to take Ocean Mission a step further, the company introduced the O’Neill Blue initiative in the 2010s. This is a commitment to make more sustainable outerwear—in both the performance and casual category—with the goal of reducing their environmental impact.
For example, O’Neill has already diverted nearly 6 million plastic bottles from landfills to use in their apparel. That’s exactly the kind of passion and dedication we’ve come to expect from this legacy brand.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is O'Neill a good brand?

For over 70 years, O’Neill has been designing and manufacturing outdoor apparel—from sandals to surfboards. And, despite all the endless newcomers on the scene, they’ve managed to stay true to their roots: Crafting high-quality gear at a reasonable price point. That kind of longevity is no accident.

Is O'Neill a good brand for skiing?

For all things outdoors, O'neill ranks as one of the most trusted brands. This is all the more true when it comes to skiing and surfing—their proven areas of expertise. Choose from a wide array of stylish, comfy, and high-performance skiing apparel at an affordable price. It’s time to vary your wardrobe.

Where is O'Neill clothing manufactured?

O’Neill was founded in California in the early-50s. At the time, the brand’s products were almost entirely limited by what Jack himself could manufacture by hand.
Today, that method isn’t so feasible; with over 85 distribution countries (including Québec), the brand has had to significantly ramp up production. In an effort to meet this growing demand, O’Neill has partnered with some of the best manufacturing facilities across the globe.
Though first founded in the US, O'Neill Canada is one of the brand’s most thriving markets, thanks to their diverse range of high-performance winter apparel.

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