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About Organic Basics

In an industry dominated by immoral practices and profit motivation, Organic Basics stands out as a socially conscious clothing manufacturer designed for all body types.

Resisting Fashion Industry Malpractice

The fashion and textile industry is rife with unethical companies, damaging production processes, and slimy business practices. Organic Basics actively stands against this, trailblazing a company that never sacrifices its morals. Three Denmark friends - Christoffer Immanuel, Mads Fibiger, and Alexander Christiansen - created this company in 2015 in an attempt to develop a brand that consumers could get behind without a guilty conscious. They vowed to never sacrifice their values in exchange for affordable manufacturing or profit. With a goal of transforming the fashion industry from the inside out, Organic Basics has taken Europe and the world by storm for its societal and eco friendly determination.
With their slogan “Fashion is a dirty bastard”, Organic Basics takes extreme effort to tackle the problems the industry faces and creates. They believe consumers should... never stop asking questions about where a product is made, who makes it, and what materials are involved. Transparency is a hallmark of this modern apparel brand.

Ethical Practices Featuring Organic Cotton

Organic Basics prides itself on its intentional business practices in regard to material sourcing, manufacturing, and product construction. It all begins with the organic cotton used in their clothing. The company only uses GOTS-certified organic cotton that originates from the coast of the Aegean Sea. Part of this GOTS standard is that the farmers and pickers employed are paid living wages that allow them to sustain their livelihood. This cotton is renowned for its incredibly soft texture that results in some of the most comfortable clothing in the industry. Their underwear and other intimate products feature this material and are coveted for the feeling it provides to the wearer.
Clothing by Organic Basics is only produced in factories that abide by environmental regulations. The company openly publishes its factory locations and certifications regarding sustainability.

A Champion for Body Positivity

Above all else, Organic Basics Canada believes that ethical, eco friendly clothing should be accessible to everyone - regardless of body type. The brand consistently takes new efforts to make its products better designed for all customers. They’re always on a mission to expand their sizing availability in both directions for their most popular products. Forcing themself to change rather than putting pressure on their customers to alter their current bodies, the brand provides clothing essentials that match all forms.
With their marketing, Organic Basics vows to never use photoshop in their model's photos. In an industry that’s characterized by unrealistic beauty standards and unachievable perfection, the brand changes the norm and prioritizes honest representation of a diverse range of people.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Organic Basics manufactured?

Organic Basics is manufactured in multiple locations around Europe. Countries include Portugal, Austria, Scotland, Italy, and Turkey.

Who owns Organic Basics?

Organic Basics has since been acquired and is now owned by Delta Galil. The brand’s new intention is to spread its products globally, particularly to North America.

Is Organic Basics vegan?

Yes. All of their products are PETA-approved vegan friendly except for their SilverTech active socks. These are made from recycled sheep’s wool.

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