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Osprey’s secret is innovation. It designs packs, bags, and suitcases to inspire you to travel in the most efficient way possible. From the backcountry to your everyday adventures, choose Osprey.

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About Osprey Backpacks

Osprey builds rugged, high-quality adventure backpacks that stay with you through nature's worst. If you want a pack built right, consider buying an Osprey.

Why An Osprey Backpack is Better

Osprey is well known for its meticulously designed and innovative products, and its hiking backpacks are very popular. Motivated by a desire to make the best packs available, Osprey employs the impeccable skill of local Navajo women as sewing operators. With their talent, Osprey packs have earned numerous accolades over the years for their stitching, durability, and nearly unbreakable thread.
Born from humble roots back in 1974, Osprey has since grown into an outdoor industry leader. Each of their custom-fitted ...packs undergoes relentless scrutiny down to the minor details so they can deliver a superior product. Synonymous today with outdoor excellence, Osprey is a well-regarded company with a global reach.
Osprey packs are also backed by an All Mighty Guarantee, which states that “Osprey will repair any damage or defect for any reason free of charge, whether it was purchased in 1974 or yesterday.” Proud of its products, no matter when they were built, Osprey continues to impress with its high-performance gear.

Forging Personal Relationships

Central to Osprey's success is its ability to develop, and maintain relationships. The All Mighty Guarantee helps establish them as a responsible company that cares about its customers. An Osprey backpack is also highly adjustable, allowing a wide spectrum of people to enjoy them. The relational aspect doesn't stop there either.
When the company moved to southwest Colorado, founder Mike Pfotenhauer and his business partner/wife Diane moved there too. They helped cultivate bonds with the local community, employing native Navajo women and paying 110% of the area living wage. To date, the company continues employing locally and donating to non-profits, local wildlife funds, and schools.
When demand for Osprey backpacks grew, the company contracted with manufacturing facilities in Vietnam. Like they did in Colorado, the owners moved to Vietnam for four years during this time to build relationships with their supply chain workers and, most importantly, enforce transparency and reasonable standards. The only time Osprey isn’t managing relationships is when they're building new ones.

The Spirit of the Outdoors

In late 2021, Helen Of Troy, a portfolio company, bought Osprey. The owners are still involved and continue to steadily integrate Osprey with its new parent company. Because of their efforts, singular focus on building better outdoor gear, and astounding capacity to build relationships, Osprey continues to positively impact the outdoor community.
Customers who purchase their products feel an immediate pull to the brand, their stewardship, and their focus on creating the best hiking packs in the market. Every year, Osprey donates thousands of dollars to charities and non-profits and partners with global environmental impact groups like POW (Protect our Winters) and the Conservation Alliance.
Osprey understands the power of the outdoors and the power of a good product. True to its word, both in quality offerings and stewardship, Osprey truly embodies the spirit of the outdoors. Even though Osprey’s legacy is secure, it continues to be at the forefront of respect, integrity, and outdoor awareness.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Osprey backpacks good?

The answer is yes. The company knows how to construct a backpack with top-notch quality, and they put their products through a battery of tests to make sure they can hold up against the elements. The materials, intuitive features, stitching, thread, adjustable straps, and attention to detail are proof of that.

What other outdoor gear does Osprey make?

Osprey backpacks are by far the most popular products, but the company also makes tote bags, water bladders, lumbar packs, raincovers, luggage packs, toiletry kits, duffel bags and hiking accessories.

Will things change now that Osprey has been sold?

Since the acquisition was announced, not much has changed. More than six months after being sold, production remains in Vietnam, repairs are made in Cortez, Colorado, and Poole, England, and there have been no layoffs or mass firings. Recent customer reviews reveal unwavering pack quality, and the All Mighty Guarantee is still being honored.

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