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About Peak Designs

When you think of travel essentials, think of Peak Designs. This is a brand that makes durable and lightweight gear for creatives-on-the-go. Their products allow photographers to comfortably carry and protect their expensive tools while out in the field—without feeling bogged down.

From Kickstarter to Trendsetter

Peak Designs was founded by Peter Dering in 2010. He had just returned to San Francisco after four months of intensive globetrotting. Accompanying him on that trip was a heavy-duty, highly reputable camera bag. It promised to keep his expensive camera safe from harm. And it did—but there was one problem: It was heavy as hell to lug around.
So Peter did what any of us would’ve done in his shoes: He quit his job and spent the next 10 months prototyping his first device, which he christened the Capture. Crowdfunding his project on Kickstarter, he eventually convinced other adventure photographers to give the Capture a go in the field.
The feedback was unequivocally positive. People loved the streamlined design and unencumbered feel of the Capture device. You might even say that it turned out to be the “peak design” of camera carrying solutions.
Now, over a decade later, Peter and his enthusiastic team continue to create and ...refine their evolving line of camera gear, from simple cable clips to the ultra-protectiveCamera Cube.

Explore Without Boundaries

Peak Designs makes it possible to travel the world with your camera—in comfort, security, and with unrivaled organisation. They do this by creating sleek and lightweight camera accessories and bags. Their mandate? No wasted space; minimal disruptions. This philosophy also applies to their manufacturing and shipping processes, ever aiming to reduce their impact on the planet.
Each product meticulously puts functionality and performance ahead of form. Ironically, the result is a product that resists fads yet still looks great, aging like a fine wine. And, thanks to its unencumbered design, the only time you’ll notice a Peak Designs product is when you actually stop to admire it on display. This includes everything from their Capture Camera Clip to their Travel Tripod to their Everyday Hip Belt.
From casual travellers to adventure photographers, Peak Designs will quickly become an integral part of your everyday carry. Even if you’re predominantly an iPhone photographer, Peak Designs offers a minimalist Wireless Charging Stand to keep your mobile juiced up.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Peak Designs a good brand?

Yes, when it comes to camera accessories and bags, few other brands stack up against Peak Designs—especially for travel photography. Their line of lightweight, high-quality products combine a distinct and attractive aesthetic with unrivaled performance.

Is Peak Designs made in China?

Peak Design products are manufactured in only two factories. The first is located in Ho Chi Minh City, an urban metropolis in Southern Vietnam. This is where all of the brand’s “soft goods” are made, like their Quick Connecting Camera Straps.
The other factory is in Dongguan, an industrial city in China's Pearl River Delta. This is the site where all their “hard goods” are manufactured, including their flagship Capture Clip.
You can learn more about their manufacturing practices here. It’s worth noting that the brand does ship worldwide, including across Canada, Europe, Oceania, and Asia.

Is Peak Designs bag waterproof?

While Peak Designs products do contain some waterproof materials (such as zippers), their products are decidedly water-resistant. This means that you can trust your Peak Designs camera case to protect your gear in mildly foul weather, but not in a torrential downpour.
Still, this is good news. It means that even something like the simple and unobtrusive Field Pouch is water-resistant. So whether you’re storing cables, everyday gear, a pricey lens, or any other items, the Field Pouch will provide peace-of-mind in the face of inclement weather.

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