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About Pomoca

Pomoca stands out in the world of backcountry skiing, offering a diverse lineup of ski skins that users adore. Their range caters to various skiing conditions and preferences. Pomoca's ski skins come in different models, each tailored for specific needs. Their skins commonly incorporate mohair, a natural fiber from Angora goats, renowned for its superior glide and grip. Nylon is often blended with mohair to enhance durability and resistance to wear and tear, providing a balanced mix of grip and longevity. Pomoca's adhesive is specially designed to secure the skins to the ski base effectively, maintaining a strong bond across various temperatures and conditions. The backing material is a lightweight, tear-resistant fabric that offers structural support and stability to the skin.

Pomoca earns user loyalty through its dedication to innovation and quality. Their use of cutting-edge materials and technologies ensures top-notch traction and glide, even in challenging terrains and snow conditions. The brand's commitment to continuous product improvement leads to remarkable durability and performance. Users also appreciate Pomoca's commitment to sustainability through eco-friendly practices and recycling programs.

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