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prAna and Altitude Sports

Whether you climb, hike, lounge, or meditate, prAna Canada has just what you need to keep you cool at the peak of summer and bundled up in the cool of the fall, all the way through winter. Respect for the Earth and every person living on it, these clothing lines are sustainable, respectful, durable, and comfortable for any level of activity.
Inclusive sizing in jeans, shorts, leggings, activewear pants, and tops inspires acceptance of every body shape and unique expression of style. Both men’s and women’s lines of clothing offer subtle differences in fit and shape while remaining neutral and classic-perfect for a leisurely commute or afternoon bouldering session.
The concept of progress, not perfection, and adventure for all is evident in this company’s practices and products, creating a safe and inviting space to develop your individual style while encouraging exploring a new hobby without fear of making mistakes.

About prAna

PrAna began blooming in 1992 with the help of its founders, Beaver and Pam Theodosakis. This company’s humble beginnings started in Carlsbad, California in Beaver and Pam’s garage and, over a couple of short decades, was bought by Columbia Sportswear to grow even more extensively.
Beaver and Pam envisioned a sustainable, fashionable, and versatile clothing company rooted in responsibility to the planet and its inhabitants. Designed to be stylish and delightful... from traveling to climbing, you can find chalk bags and loungewear under the same name. These elevated pieces and performance-enhancing fabrics look and feel luxurious.
The brand name itself is derived from the Sanskrit language, with prana meaning breath as a life-giving element. Embodying this essence, this outdoor activewear company constantly evaluates its sources for sustainability and ethical practices. Organic cotton and hemp fibers all the way to mindful packaging practices, prAna practices what they preach.

Wholesome Adventuring

Keep active with Altitude Sports as a one-stop shop for any activity level from lounging to through-hiking. Brands big and small showcase quality products that align with our mission to provide durable, reliable clothing and gear from daily commutes to the great outdoors.
Many of the brands we offer have started small, in a garage, as just an idea, even high up in the mountains. Many are rich with centuries of history, and others are a little younger to the game, but nonetheless, add enriching and unique products to the market. We offer larger brands as well for loyalists across the board.
Altitude Sports is able to cover you from head to toe and put some special gear in your pocket no matter your choice of excursion. With free shipping over $74 and a 30-day return policy, we’re sure you’ll find something that fits both your style and your budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I wash my prAna yoga mat?

If lightly soiled, spray your yoga mat with a mixture of 2 cups of water and 4 drops of dish soap. If heavily soiled, submerge in a mixture of warm water and 1 tbsp of mild detergent before hand washing.

What’s special about prAna?

PrAna is fair trade certified and incorporates recycled wool, organic cotton, and hemp fiber into its products. Sustainable sourcing practices keep performance-enhancing fabrics and elevated style an ethical staple for your closet.

Where is prAna made?

PrAna has partnerships in Vietnam, Taiwan, India, Sri Lanka, and China. Many of these are fair-trade certified operations that value community, teamwork, and sustainable practices such as minimizing fabric waste or prototypes.

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