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About Rains Canada

Ready to help you dance through downpours, Rains jackets make the rain fun by keeping you stylish and decidedly dry.

Redefining Rainwear: A Brief History of Rains

Rains started with one simple mission, to change the standards for rainwear. Started in Copenhagen in 2012, this Danish company combines an intimate knowledge of rain and transforms it into innovative outerwear. The company was founded by Daniel Brix and Phillip Lotko, who met while at the same design school in Denmark. Denmark averages roughly 170 days of rain a year, so rain is a constant environmental hurdle that presented a design opportunity.
Rains Canada collections blend innovation with function, trying to plug fashion into the formally drab world of rainwear. The designs come from a strong urban inspiration, blending it with a Scandinavian aesthetic to create some ...truly unique offerings. Canadian are no strangers to rain, and the applicability of these outerwear offerings is obvious.
Similar to other outerwear specialists like Mackage, Canada Goose and Nobis, Rains wants its offerings to not only protect you from the weather but give you an outlet to showcase individuality through style and design. The next time the skies open up, instead of reaching for a forgettable raincoat or umbrella, grab a Rains outerwear piece instead.

Let it Rains at Altitude Sports!

Altitude Sports carries a fantastic assortment of iconic Rains Canada gear. Don’t let the weather get you down when you can stay dry and look fabulous at the same time. With sleek, minimalist designs that protect against the elements while highlighting your look, Rains outerwear can make even the rainiest Vancouver day feel brighter.
Altitude Sports carries the best Rains Canada products and accessories around. You can choose from multiple offerings, including the Curve Rains jacket, regular Rains Jacket, Glacial Parka, Reflective Long Jacket, Cape Poncho or Fishtail parka. More than coats, we have Rains gym bags, rain boots, liner jackets, vests, backpacks, roll top duffel and messenger waterproof bags, bucket hats, puffer jackets, pants, laptop portfolio bags and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Rains from?

Rains is a Danish brand. They were started in 2012 in Cophenhagen. They have grown since their inception and are offered through various sellers in Canada. Altitude Sports has a great collection of its iconic offerings.

What kind of brand is Rains?

Rains is described as an outerwear lifestyle brand. This billing is similar to other brands like Mackage and Nobis, through their focus is tied more to cold and snowy weather, whereas Rains is primarily focused on outerwear for the rain.

Are Rains jackets warm?

By themselves, Rains specific rain jackets aren’t super warm, but they are waterproof, which prevents rain from getting in and heat from escaping. With proper layers, or if you’re actively moving while wearing them, a Rains jacket can get quite warm. Certain products, like their thicker puffer jackets, are quite warm by design.

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