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The one and only Ray-Ban sunglasses

In the world of sunglasses, there are few names as powerful as “Ray-Ban”. But how did this company get to where they are today?
Of course, it didn’t happen overnight. Ray-Ban’s company history starts way back in 1936 in upstate New York. At the time, they were working on ways to create aviation glasses for the new pilot profession. They got the name “Ray-Ban” from this very mission. They wanted to block (or ban) the rays of suns that distracted pilots—get it?
Their high-quality materials and cutting-edge design have made Ray-Bans very popular, but Hollywood has helped too. The brand’s flagship wayfarer style has made appearances in movies like Rebel Without a Cause, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, the Breakfast Club, and Risky Business. And of course, their Olympian model of glasses was famously outfitted by Peter Fonda in Easy Rider.
Fast-forward to today and Ray-Bans have proven themselves to be a timeless classic. How could you go wrong with that unmistakably iconic Ray-Ban design?

What is special about Ray-Bans?

Ray-Bans offer no shortage of special details to back up their reputation. Ray-Ban authentic premium sun lenses come with high-quality nose pads, polarized or non-polarized lenses, and the latest overall lens technology. Of course, their sunglasses also offer UV protection, which is especially important if you’re spending the day outside.
It’s impossible to talk about Ray-Bans without mentioning their authentic style. Perhaps the most famous Ray-Bans frame is their Aviator style that first ever made them... famous. Ray ban Aviators historically feature a metal frame and durable metal hinges.
Another Ray-Bans signature style is the Clubmaster. The Clubmaster is the perfect frame for anyone looking for a bit more ornamentation, since they come with a (historically tortoiseshell) coating on the top of the glasses.
Other recognizable frames include the Clubround style, New Wayfarer style, and Round Flat Lenses.

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