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Founded in 1984 by Argentinian brothers who shared a passion for SoCal culture, REEF is a full-on lifestyle brand. Over thirty years ago, all the Aguerre brothers knew was that they enjoyed the beach, surfing, and other activities that involved sunscreen - so they decided to make women and men's sandals and T-shirts they could wear in those settings. They also choose a brand name that captured their vision, evoking the imagery of coral and the swells caused by the great barrier reef. After some party-friendly designs, such as a pro surfer’s bottle-opening flip-flop, REEF's popularity took off. Demand for their beach-ready apparel and footwear grew in any location near water and warm weather. Today, the founders maintain rooted in the surf culture that initially inspired them, but have also designed clothing for the nearby city. What other company encourages everyone to Beach Freely?

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