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About Reigning Champ

When you don’t know what to wear, reach for Reigning Champ, the ultimate go-to brand for athleisure and streetwear.

Streetwear for Home Life: Reigning Champ History

Reigning Champs' story began in 2007 when it was created by Craig Atkinson, the brain behind Wings + Horns. The company offers high-quality basic apparel with a focus on heavyweight fleece and knits as its preferred materials.
Mr. Atkinson came from a career where he helped import North American clothing designs to Japanese markets, which led to the creation of Wings + Horns in 2004, a part of his CYC Design Corporation. CYC quickly developed a reputation as a purveyor of high-quality ...fleece and wool. Reigning Champ was born from that reputation. Today, it's synonymous with high-quality base clothing that fits in the streetwear and athleisure markets.
The Vancouver-based brand creates detailed yet straightforward clothing with signature fabrics. They employ a limited colour palette in their clothing, mainly producing whites, blacks and grays. Each article boasts both durability, unrivalled comfort and typical athleisure style.

Premium Athletic Wear for The Reigning Champ in All Of US

Part of what makes Reigning Champ stand out is its minimalist designs, which are both clean and modern. Reigning Champ clothes also offer unrivalled comfort. When you shop at Altitude Sports, you can pick out the best Reigning Champ products available. Choose from popular options like Slim Sweatpants, T-shirts, training shirts, henleys, full zip hoodies, polo shirts, training tank tops, compression tights, shorts, and visors.
With their style and minimalist focus, Reigning Champ clothing can be worn at the gym, at home, on the streets and for sports. Their restrained colour selection gives each product a modern smooth aesthetic. More than the elegant simplicity, the clothes are made from the best materials, offering a snug and pleasant sensation to all wearers.
When you don’t know what clothes to reach for, Reigning Champ has simple options that can be thrown on quickly and last through the day.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s so special about Reigning Champ?

The in-house production and creation of the fabrics that make up Reigning Champ stand as one of its defining qualities. Founder Craig Atkinson puts the focus on the production of the clothing, creating top quality and maximum comfort. It isn’t intricate patterns or fashion flourishes that make Reigning Champ popular; it's the fabrics, the comfort and the wide range of situations where the clothing could be worn. Reigning Champ is also known for design collaborations with other big apparel names like Adidas, Asics, Converse, the NBA, New Era and more.

Is Reigning Champ a Canadian Brand?

Yes, Reigning Champ was founded by Canadian entrepreneur Craig Atkinson. The brand is currently based in Vancouver, British Columbia and is widely available in North America. Both Reigning Champ and Wings + Horns are part of CYC Design Corp, which is also based in Vancouver.

Is Reigning Champ a luxury brand?

No. While certainly not a budget clothing brand, Reigning Champ doesn’t fit neatly into a luxury brand identification. They are better positioned as an athleisure and streetwear company that prioritizes simplistic designs and maximum usability. As their slogan states, “respect the details, master simplicity.”

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