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About Ripcurl Canada

From the vast expanse of the water to the pristine sandy beaches, humankind has always found love for the ocean. Ripcurl is the embodiment of that love.

Ripcurl: Built by Surfers for Surfers

The international brand Ripcurl grew out of two friends’ passion for surfing. Born in the summer of love, 1969, in Torquay, Australia, Ripcurl started its legacy with custom-shaped surfboards. Produced in a small backyard garage, Doug Warbrick and Brian Singer began creating four boards a week for the local veteran surfers within one month of setting up shop. Later on that year, Ripcurl expanded down the street to an old bakery and began ramping up their shaping efforts to 12 surfboards a week. In December of 1969, a third individual joined the duo. Alan Green had spent time at a wetsuit diving company prior to his joining Ripcurl. Green brought this expertise to the young company, and together the three started producing a line of Rip Curl wetsuits.
Ripcurl has since deviated from shaping surfboards, but their commitment to pushing wetsuit technology has never slowed down. Since spreading internationally, a number of countries now stock Ripcurl wetsuits, Canada included. In addition to ...their renowned wetsuits, Ripcurl Canada online specializes in a fashionable line of clothing that encompasses the vibe of surf culture in its entirety.

In Search of the Groms

Never moving away from their surfing roots, Rip Curl has been sponsoring children’s surfing competitions for 22 years. 16-year-olds and under from across the globe are given the opportunity to put their skills up against their peers while also experiencing a variety of different surfing locations and conditions. For many surfers in the World Surfling League, the Ripcurl GromSearch was a stepping stone to their professional careers. Competitors like Gabriel Medina and Owen Wright both began with this youth competition. It’s this type of global community involvement that has established Ripcurl as a trusted brand, both for its surfing accessories and street clothing.

A Dedication to the Ocean

The essence of Ripcurl has always been found in the sea. As such, the company is committed to preserving the health of oceans and beaches across the world. Rip Curl takes part in multiple Planet Days throughout the year, both in their hometown of Torquay and in communities where their offices are located. Through their environmental work, Ripcurl cleans and revegetates local beaches to ensure that the natural ecosystem is always thriving. In Torquay, the company is responsible for planting over 50,000 indigenous species in the local beach habitats.
Rip curl strives to create all of its products with environmental sustainability in mind. In 2019 and 2020, the company began implementing Salt Water Culture apparel. This swimsuit and clothing line is made with recycled bottles and materials, as well as organic cotton and fleece.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Rip Curl Australian?

Yes. Rip Curl originated in 1969 in Torquay, Australia. The company is still headquartered here today.

Does Rip Curl still sponsor Bethany Hamilton?

Rip Curl has been sponsoring Hawaiian pro surfer Bethany Hamilton since 1999. In January 2022, the company re-signed Hamilton to a 5-year contract deal.

Is Ripcurl a good brand?

Rip Curl Canada is known for their exceptional wetsuit quality and sustainably sourced, beach-inspired fashion line. Their products are high quality and made with ethical materials in mind.

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