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About RVCA Clothing

Contemporary, casual, and consistent, RVCA Canada is a relaxed clothing and apparel company that is closely aligned with art, surfing, and skateboarding.

Casual Clothing, Accessories, and Style

RVCA has embraced the casual surfside and skate subcultures that brought it to life. From casual lifestyle wear to athletic shorts and accessories, the company makes easy-to-wear, comfortable clothing with a touch of design flair. RVCA’s success comes from its unique member-supported position as a casual but stylish brand, perfect for the beach or the party afterward.
The clothing designs and accessories of RVCA Canada make it perfect for a customer who doesn't want to think too long about what to wear. The brand also appeals to athletes and gym goers with its lines of activewear. RVCA makes... a variety of clothing and accessories, including short and long sleeve shirts, gym shirts, tops, bathing suits, bikini tops, bikini bottoms, jumpsuits, flannel shirts, sweatshirts, tank tops, workout shorts, recycled tops and bottoms, hats, and casual wear.
From the beginning, the goal of RVCA was to redefine skate style. RVCA clothing embodies the two pillars of casual and consistent, staying true to its offerings over time without getting pulled into fleeting fashion trends. Founder Pat Tenore wanted more than a clothing company; he wanted to create a balance of opposites. He succeeded by offering products that are the perfect combination of laid back stylish nonchalance.

RVCA Canada: A Balance of Opposites

Founded in 1999 by professional surfer Pat Tenore, RVCA emerged from a desire to fuse subcultures. In 2010 the company was bought by Billabong, and in 2018, Boardriders bought Billabong. RVCA is now one of a few brands under the Boardriders umbrella and sold along with other lines.
RVCA Canada is guided by its focus on a balance of opposites. Founder Pat Tenore wanted to create a place where items weren't put into separate spheres. RVCA clothing and accessories are its main focus, but RVCA also sponsors an active artist network while continuing to have strong ties to surfing and skateboarding. In uniting these seemingly disparate sports and mediums, RVCA created a subculture of its own with organic inclusion as the centerpiece, ergo, a balance of opposites.
To this end, RVCA has sponsored many athletes in Skate, Surfing, Jui Jitsu, MMA and even cooking with a sponsorship offered to Canadian celebrity chef Matty Matheson. They sponsor team competitions in the athletic world and support an artist network program (ANP) to showcase the talents of well-known and unknown artists who are best positioned to inspire generations and push creative boundaries.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are RVCA products and accessories expensive?

The prices of RVCA Canada vary from product to product, but the company is not generally considered a luxury brand. Billing itself as a design-driven lifestyle brand, RVCA orders run a little higher than comparable off-brand clothes. Loyal RVCA customers and shoppers enjoy the company and the authentic culture it’s created.

How do you pronounce RVCA?

Despite its appearance as an acronym, RVCA is actually pronounced “REW-KA”. The V in RVCA is a roman V, pronounced like a U. The name is intentional as the V and A symbolize the balance of opposites that define the brand.

Why is RVCA popular?

RVCA is popular because it appeals to a wide variety of people. The company's accessories, design styles, flourishes, sponsored athletes, artistic initiatives, and community endeavors position it as a clothing brand and a lifestyle worth exploring. The clothing itself is also comfortable and can be worn in a multitude of situations, from nature-driven adventures to urban escapades.

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