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A beloved brand for more than a century

Since its inception in the 1800s in Normandy, France, Saint James has built quite the name for itself. And even if you don’t know them by name, you’re sure to know them by the sight of their clothing.
The most famous item of clothing that Saint James has produced is without a doubt the marinière (also called a Breton). Saint James began producing these shirts in their mills in 1889. A marinère shirt (or sweater) consists of navy and white stripes. As its name would suggest, it is best known as the outfit of choice of fisherman and sailors in Normandy and Brittany.
These fishermen and sailors spent a great degree of time out at sea in terrible weather. This meant that their clothing had to withstand hail storms, crashing waves, and bitter cold. The Saint James mill solved this problem by using water-resistant and warm tight-knit wool.
Today, these marinères remain a symbol of Saint James and of French fashion in general. With centuries of ...history to back it up, it’s safe to say that the marinère has staying power seldom seen in fashion.

From humble origins to one of Europe’s premiere brands

At the same time as Saint James was creating wool garments for sailors out at sea, they were also dying and selling said wool. They then sold it in balls in dry goods shops (and also sold it to hosiery shops in the form of undergarments!)
Today, Saint James offers a classic option for anyone looking for durable, everyday wear. They are celebrated for their jackets and coats (that happen to pair wonderfully with their classic striped tops).
The Saint James logo draws its inspiration from the famous Mont Saint Michel. It’s an ode to the fact that the sailors who Saint James made clothing for were usually at sea just a stone’s throw away from the unmistakable landmark. This logo can rarely be found on Saint James clothing, though. The company prefers to take a sophisticated, subtle approach to advertising their (highly recognizable) brand name.

How to find Saint James items in Canada

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are Saint James clothes made?

To this day, Saint James clothing is made in the village of Saint-James, France.

What do you wear with a Breton shirt?

A Breton shirt is an incredibly versatile staple. You can pair it with your favourite pair of jeans or wear it underneath a jacket.

How do I take care of my Saint James clothing?

Never put wool clothing in the dryer. Make sure to follow the care instructions on the label when you wash your Saint James clothing.

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