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Escape the mundane of daily life and get outdoors doing what you know and love. Salomon aims to equip you with the right gear, leading to the best experiences possible.
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The Little Engine That Could

Marianne Hogan is a Salomon International Trail Athlete and one of the best ultra-trail runners in the world. Cape Town's trails are infamously rugged, technical, and demanding. And she ran 100 kilometres through them.

We follow Marianne's routine, insights and inner strength as she competes in a major, international ultra-trail race after overcoming her past injuries. 

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Salomon Canada: shop items from the French Alps in Canada

Salomon, or Salomon Group, was created in 1947 in Annecy, a city in the Alps of southeastern France. This part of the country is renowned for its beauty and love of outdoor activities. It’s no surprise that Salomon first began making skis due to the area’s favourite pastimes.
Over the past 70+ years, Salomon has evolved to create products for many different sports including trail running, mountain climbing, hiking, and of course skiing (and snowboarding). The company makes shoes, gear, clothing, accessories, and more.

Different choices for different sports

The best Salomon product for you depends on the kind of sports that you like to partake in. Many Salomon shoes are cross-functional, but it’s still best to do your research before you decide on which product to buy.
For trail running, shoppers cite the Salomon Speedcross 5 GTX as a top choice. These shoes feature extra cushioning for a ...comfortable run thanks to their polypropylene insole. However, they also offer enough sturdiness to protect your feet while you’re (literally) hitting the dusty trail.
If trail running isn’t really your thing, you might be more into hiking. The best Salomon hiking shoes include the X Ultra Series. When you’re on a long hike, you want to wear comfortable shoes that don’t leave you feeling fatigued. All Salomon hiking boots are comfortable, but the X Ultra shoes just give you that extra bounce. They’re also incredibly stable which helps you stay safe on the trail.
Salomon ski boots are some of the company’s best-known items. Their QST Access boots offer a supportive fit and comfortable shape. The last thing you want is to be distracted by blisters or a poor fit while you’re skiing. Speaking of skiing, Salomon skis are top-rated, too. Check out the unisex QST Spark Skis to feel ulta confident on the slopes.
If you don’t consider yourself an outdoor athlete, there are still Salomon products to help you get the most out of your time outside. Salomon running shoes are highly-renowned. Some popular models include the Phantasm, Spectur, and Alphacross models. Some Salomon running shoes come with GORE-TEX technology.

Altitude Sports is proud to carry Salomon products

Salomon products ship quickly and easily from Altitude Sports. We offer free cross-Canada shipping on all orders $74 and over for your convenience. Your next outdoor adventure begins here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Salomon a Canadian company?

Salomon is not a Canadian company — it’s French! Salomon is headquartered in Annecy, France.

Is Salomon owned by Adidas?

Yes, Salomon is owned by Adidas. Adidas acquired Salomon in 1997.

How good is the Salomon brand?

Salomon is a very well-respected brand in outdoor equipment, especially for skiing, trail running, and hiking. Their products have won awards including the 2022 ISPO award.

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