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About Saxx

For underwear that delivers maximum comfort, anatomically cognizant designs, and a large degree of mobility, trust SAXX.

A Performance Men’s Underwear is Born

Created in 2006, SAXX emerged to address an issue bedeviling many men’s underwear varieties: chafing. Founded by Trent Kitch, a former baseball player, and based in Vancouver, Canada, SAXX quickly set about redefining comfort in men’s underwear. On top of anti-chafing features, SAXX’s goal is to make the most comfortable boxer briefs ever.
Part of the appeal of SAXX is rooted in design. Each SAXX boxer brief comes with a trademarked “BallPark Pouch” feature. This two-cup design matches the male anatomy, reduces skin-on-skin rubbing ...and elevates comfort. SAXX also takes care to build flats and seems to further reduce rubbing.
Since the company’s inception, SAXX has experienced continued growth and has expanded into other clothing varieties, all centered around men. Given the thoughtful design of their flagship underwear, SAXX is on its way to becoming a household name for Canadian men. If you value comfort, anti-chafing features and increased mobility in underwear, SAXX should be on your radar.

The SAXX Canada Difference at Altitude Sports

With a large inventory of their most popular items, Altitude Sports is ready to help you find your new favorite SAXX underwear. You can shop selections of the Ultra, Quest, Non-Stop Cotton, Sports Mesh and Daytripper boxer briefs here, all featuring the “BallPark Pouch” feature. There are also regular SAXX boxers like the Ultra Boxers, Vibe, Vibe Trunk, Hotshot and more.
In the years since its founding, SAXX has expanded into other clothing options as well. You can shop for socks, athletic shorts, long underwear, swim trunks, t-shirts, long-sleeve crew shirts, long-sleeve pocket t’s and more. As SAXX comfort and mobility spreads to more products, count on Altitude Sports to carry the very best options.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are SAXX worth the money?

If you find yourself having trouble with chafing, rubbing and discomfort with the underwear you currently possess, then yes, SAXX underwear is absolutely worth the money. SAXX boxers and briefs are not only outrageously comfortable, the pouch design, while strange at first, does make a difference. If you have underwear that works for you, the steep price of SAXX may be a limiting factor.

Is SAXX a Canadian brand?

Yes. SAXX was founded by Canadian baseball player Trent Kitch and has a global headquarters in Vancouver, Canada. As of 2022, they employ over 100 people at this headquarters. Saxx can ship all over Canada, the US and some select international markets. Saxx doesn’t do any manufacturing in Canada, however, opting to produce their products in China.

Can you put SAXX in the dryer?

You can. Be aware that if you do, it’s best to tumble dry low. As with any specialty article of clothing, repeated washing and drying cycles will shorten the overall life of the garment. For the best long-term results, machine wash and hang dry. With simple maintenance, these underwear will last for years.

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