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Sea to Summit is an award-winning manufacturer of omni-terrain gear. From camp kitchen to sleep systems, their innovation team is consistently finding the perfect balance of weight, durability, and packability.

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About Sea to Summit

Do more outdoors with high-quality gear. Sea to Summit was founded in 1991 by Roland Tyson, a native Australian that had just outfitted an ascent up Mount Everest. Roland first began designing outdoor gear on his own sewing machine in 1983, fueled by a passion for the outdoors and a drive to create the best, lightest, and most durable outdoor gear possible.
Roland and Penny Sanderson personally tested their products across numerous treks and various terrains. From raw materials to finished products, these two are still very involved in their company, every step of the way.
Award-winning products are nothing new for this company, and they continue to impress. Dry bags, tents, sleep sacks, liners, pots, and even collapsible cups are all thoughtfully designed, engineered, and made so you can adventure to more places with even more freedom and self-reliance.

Sea to Summit and Altitude Sports

Altitude Sports is proud to offer gear from companies like Sea to Summit. Tested, tried, and true gear is what keeps adventures safe and enjoyable. Whether you’re a seasoned camping veteran or more fond of a casual weekend getaway, this particular company has just about everything you need.
Inspired by the wide open spaces of the outdoors, proper environmental stewardship is incredibly pivotal to keep these spaces around for future generations to explore... and wander. From crashing waves to thundering mountains, every piece of material, product, and innovation that’s introduced to the market needs to be thoughtful and leave as small of a trace as possible.
Gear that is purposefully made to help foster environmental stewardship is now more commonplace than it ever was before. Roughing it out on the trail doesn’t have to be as uncomfortable as it once was, with more ethical gear options than in decades past.

Wander with Confidence

Independence is important for building self-confidence and barreling into the unknown. Gear that has your back and won’t fail a few miles in (or the first night), is pivotal for conquering literal and figurative mountains and trails. From boots to clothing to shelter and even inflatable pillows, search through any number of our listings to find the perfect blend of necessities for you.
Altitude Sports offers products and gear that last well beyond a season of use to keep people outdoors exploring for longer than ever before. From compasses to cups, coats to board shorts, any activity you can think of we probably have something for it to get you started.
Enjoy the freedom that the great outdoors has to offer each and every person on this earth. With free shipping over $74 and a 30-day return policy, we’re sure to have something to get you started on your journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

What sleeping liner should I choose?

This is up to each individual’s preferences. Thermolite liners are great for colder winters, while Coolmax has a t-shirt-like feel that’s great in high-humidity seasons. The Adapter, Reactor, and Expander series of liners all are made from high-stretch material.

Can I use my X-pot, Sigma pot, or Alpha pot over an open fire?

The short answer is no, these cooking pots are not designed to be used over an open flame, and doing so can cause significant damage to the lids, seals, handles, and thumb latches.

How should I store my sleeping mat?

It’s recommended to store either self-inflating or air sprung cell mats with the valves open and hung as flat as possible in a closet; this allows any moisture in the mat to dry out.

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