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About Snow Peak Canada

You shouldn’t worry about the quality of your equipment while out in the wild. Focus on what matters most: getting outside to enjoy nature. Choose Snow Peak for well-made, Japanese designed tools to accompany you on your next backpacking trip.

Leader in Japanese Design

Snow Peak has graced us with over six decades of innovative Japanese design. What began as a climbing brand back in 1958 by Yukio Yamai, evolved considerably to accommodate all outdoor enthusiasts.
Headquartered in Niigata Prefecture, Japan, the company has remained in the family for three generations while expanding around the world to places such as Taiwan and the USA. Through years of innovation, the company has successfully created goods that are functional, sleek, and high-quality.
The company is most notably known for their lightweight, one-size-fits-all titanium mugs and utensils that are affectionately used by backcountry and glamping folk alike. Their line of exclusive products to accommodate modern life outdoors also includes apparel, shelters, and cooking supplies.
The brand upholds their core mission: “to create restorative outdoor experiences through functional and beautifully-designed gear and apparel.” That’s an ethos we can all admire.

Quality that Stands the Test of Time

Snow Peak designs all of their products and maintains the highest production ...standards. This includes all of their durable titanium mugs and utensils which are manufactured in Tsubame-Sanjo by experts of traditional blacksmithing techniques.
These goods are made following a precise historic manufacturing process that deservedly gets all the credit for quality. Each item is inspected before selling so that you can spend more time outdoors and less time worrying about your equipment.

Love in the Community

The company is one of those brands. Yes, those brands that like to bring the community together. They’ve taken the joy of being outside to the next level, creating various gathering hubs and events to make the great outdoors a place for everyone to enjoy.
Nature-lurkers, first-timers and seasoned hikers are given the opportunity to reconnect with nature, and each other, through Snow Peak Way––a three-day outdoor event filled with activities for the whole family. Or, at Campfield––a carefully designed camp park with numerous locations across the US and Japan.
More recently, the brand has opened culinary stations called Takibi––an Izakaya that’s inspired by Japan, the transitioning seasons and the bonds we build when gathered around the fire.
It’s hard not to spend time in nature when Snow Peak makes it so inviting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Snow Peak a Japanese company?

That’s right! The company was founded by Yukio Yamai in the Prefecture of Niigata in 1958. The company has remained in Japan and has been passed along for three generations of Yamai’s family.
In addition to their global headquarters, Snow Peak has stationed themselves around the world. This includes Snow Peak USA, which is based in Portland, Oregon, and two brick-and-mortar shops in the country.

Where is Snow Peak manufactured?

While Snow Peak’s headquarters remain in Niigata Prefecture, their products are carefully produced in various locations. These locations are chosen based on local expertise.
For example: the company sources their titanium and metal products from Tsubame-Sanjo––known as the epicentre of metal working in Japan. These products are made by expert blacksmith’s, who follow a historic manufacturing process.

What is Snow Peak’s warranty?

Snow Peak offers lifetime guaranteed outdoor products. If the hardwear item you purchased––like a mug or this chair––fails to meet the standard of quality set by the company, they’ll repair or replace the item free of charge. In cases of regular wear-and-tear, they offer repairs for a reasonable fee.
Outdoor apparel, such as these Quick Dry Shorts or this Fire-Resistant Stretch Parka, is excluded from the warranty. Instead, they offer a one-year protection service against manufacturer defects.
You can check the details of their warranty.

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