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About Snowshoe Apparel & Gear

The coolest season is fast approaching and, you know what that means: fun outdoor activities in deep snow! At Altitude Sports, we’ve put together a vast array of snowshoeing equipment and clothing to prepare you for all snow conditions with uneven or flat terrain.

Trekking with Altitude Sports

Like with any activity––especially in the great outdoors––it’s important to consider the gear and apparel you’ll rely on while out in the world. Quality is of the utmost ...importance when exploring nature and snowshoeing is no exception. From waterproof boots and ski poles to well-made snowshoe frames and high-quality base layers, we’ve curated the best snowshoeing gear on the market.

It’s All In The Gear

Never underestimate the impact of good quality gear, not all snowshoe trails are a piece of cake. On fresh snow days, we recommend snowshoes that have a wide surface area to keep you afloat. But, overall, choose snowshoes with good traction, made by brands we trust like Atlas, or TSL Outdoors ––the last thing you want is to trudge home through deep powder with nothing but your boots on.
Prepare for the unknown, keep an extra pair of aggressive crampons in your pack in case you hit an unforeseen icy patch. Ski or hiking poles are your friend especially on uneven terrain and relieve hard working knees. Choose comfortable snow boots that fit well, are easy to adjust, and have space for warm, wool socks.
Whether you’re trekking well-established trails or wilding it out on rough backcountry terrain, always prioritise safety and comfort while out on any adventure.

What To Wear

While perspiration serves a purpose when you’re hot and working your body, it can be detrimental when your pace slows or you stop to take a break. And, when mixed with cold, winter conditions, it's just as important to consider your wardrobe as it is to consider your gear.
When shopping for snowshoeing apparel, consider synthetic materials like polyester and natural materials like merino wool. These fibres are naturally moisture wicking, retain heat when wet, and dry quickly around a fire. Materials like cotton love to hold moisture, can become heavy, and do not retain heat when wet.
Stay hydrated, layer well, bring some hot drinks and have fun out there on the trails!

Frequently Asked Questions

What to wear snowshoeing in?

We suggest you dress smart for your next snowshoe adventure and by that we mean: prepare to sweat. Opt for moisture wicking materials like merino wool or synthetic fibres––like polyester––especially when choosing a men’s or women’s mid layer or outer layer. While they won’t necessarily keep you from perspiring they will keep you warm when wet and dry quickly by the fire.

Should you wear snow pants while snowshoeing?

It’s recommended to wear snow pants while snowshoeing. Snow pants offer additional protection in deep powdery snow, provide extra padding for tumbles, and insulate well so you stay warm.
We offer a wide range of versatile and durable snow pants for men, women, and kids. Make sure you choose a pair that’s adjustable, fits well, and covers your boots––a comfy snowshoer makes for a good trip!

Do you wear regular boots with snowshoes?

Most are adjustable so you can certainly wear regular boots with snowshoes. However, when choosing a pair of shoes or boots to snowshoe in, it’s important to consider features that will benefit your trek.
Never underestimate the benefits of waterproof, lightweight, and overall highly comfortable footwear––you’ll be spending quite a bit of time in them. If that doesn’t sound like your shoe, it may be time to look into a new pair. Check out our vast array of winter footwear at Altitude Sports.

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