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About Soia and Kyo

Don’t compromise when you don't have to. With Soia and Kyo, you get trendy styles and warmth in one complete package.

A legacy in the making: Soia and Kyo

Born from the mind of designer Ilan Elfassy in 2004, Soia and Kyo is one of the premier women’s outerwear companies in Canada today. Soia and Kyo is a women-focused company and has become very popular for its made-in-Canada high-quality garments. Mr. Elfassey's brother Eran is the brain behind another notable outerwear brand: Mackage.
Soia and Kyo products are widely available throughout Canada and North America. The brand is known for distinctive elements, including oversized buttons, asymmetrical collars, wide belts and contrast trimmings. Like many outerwear companies, the goal of ...Soia and Kyo is to strike the perfect balance between fashion and comfort.
Soia and Kyo offers cute styles, fashion-forward articles and outerwear that can handle the extreme Canadian winter. Most Soia and Kyo products can be found at less expensive prices than competitors like Mackage and Canada Goose.

Soia and Kyo, leaders in Women’s Fashion

Renowned for contemporary outerwear that uses sophisticated fabrics, modern designs and classic silhouettes, Soia and Kyo products can be seen on the streets of Canada's biggest cities. Soia and Kyo products have been sighted on several famous people, including celebrities Julia Roberts and Meghan Markle.
At Altitude Sports, you have dozens of Soia and Kyo products to choose from. Some of the most popular items include the Karelle Down Coat, Belina-Es Hooded Down Jacket, Edita Long Coat, Bridget Wool Coat, Amalie Beanie, Benela Coatigan, and more. These products look fantastic, feel fantastic and spark interest wherever they’re sighted.
Soia and Kyo strike a delicate balance between style and affordability. Their products are chic and belong in the luxury category, but they remain more affordable than many other luxury lines. Today, they’ve become a truly global brand in women’s fashion.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is SOIA and Kyo Canadian?

Yes. The company was founded by creative designer Ilan Elfassy, one of the older brothers of Eran Elfassy, who is co-owner of Mackage. Like Mackage, the company is Montreal based and has stores in the US as well.

What are SOIA and Kyo known for?

Soia and Kyo is a luxury brand with generally lower prices than many of its competitors. Their appeal is that you can get comparable fashion looks and styles at lower prices than other luxury brands like Canada Goose. As an outerwear company, their articles will still fetch a higher price than most regular retailers. Their signature products revolve around comfortable outerwear like jackets, down parkas, and coatigans.

Does Mackage own Soia and Kyo?

No. Both brands are owned by the APP Group, a Montreal-based parent company with a portfolio of brands. The brands are similar in that they both trend towards fashion-oriented outerwear offerings. Mackage is generally considered more exclusive and expensive, limiting its appeal to those who can readily afford it. Soia and Kyo products, while still expensive, are usually available for less.

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