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Spy Optic Goggles: California cool since the 1990s

Hailing from southern California—the unofficial home of good vibes—Spy Optic (sometimes branded SPY+ Optic) has been a trusted name in eyewear since 1994. Aside from their famous sports-ready goggles, Spy Optic also carries a line of sunglasses with green spectra and blue spectra lenses.
Spy Optic is also known for offering sunglasses and goggles in a variety of colours that allow athletes to show off their unique personalities and styles. Their glasses are made from high-quality indestructible materials and offer maximum UV protection that keeps your eyes comfortable for hours in the sun.

What’s special about Spy Optic products?

Spy Optic is well-known for their extensive list of proprietary technologies that result in a higher-quality end product that lasts for years.
For example, Spy Optic’s Happy™ Lens technology that blocks out the sun’s “bad” rays and keeps the “good” rays in your vision. Unlike other sunglasses that make it hard... to see in exchange for UV protection, Happy™ Lens technology protects your eyes while providing you with a clear view—a must-have for athletes.
Spy Optic is also known for their Scoop® ventilation system which decreases goggle moisture and fogging. Their DEADBOLT magnets ensure that their lenses are securely locked into place within the goggles and their LOCK STEADY 2 technology allows your glasses to adjust to a variety of light and weather conditions.
Finally, Spy goggles come with ARC® technology, which stands for Accurate Radius Curve. This technology carefully tapers the lens of each pair of goggles and sunglasses for optimal visual clarity.

How to choose the right snow goggles and sunglasses

When shopping for both sunglasses and ski (or snowboarding) goggles, keep UV protection in mind. When the sun reflects against snow, it hits your eyes with a stronger intensity. To make matters worse, skiing and snowboarding happens at higher altitudes, where UV rays are stronger than at sea level.
Most ski and snowboarding goggles fit with most helmets, but it’s best to be extra sure. The last thing you want is a cap between your goggles and helmet.
When searching for a pair of sunglasses, you’ll want to look for non-scratch lenses and strong materials. Sunglasses that you wear during outdoor activities need to be stronger than the ones you’d wear in a leisurely setting. Be on the lookout for high-quality pin hinges and durable frames.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who makes Spy eyewear?

Spy Optic, which is owned by Bollbe Brands, makes Spy eyewear.

What are Spy Happy™ Lens?

Happy™ Lens are a proprietary type of glasses lens that block out the sun’s “bad” rays and permit the sun’s “good” rays. The end result is a crystal clear image.

Are Happy™ Lens polarized?

Yes, Happy™ Lens products are polarized up to 99.9%.

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