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About Spyder Canada

At the forefront of skiing apparel technology, Spyder maintains a legacy of professional-grade winter sports clothing that continues around the world today.

For Those That Go Fast

Since Spyder’s inception in Boulder, Colorado in 1978, the brand has been unrelentingly focused on one thing - designing skiing apparel for speed. Appropriately, the founder of the company David Jacobs was a professional ski racer himself. Born in Montreal, Jacobs became the Canadian Downhill Ski Racing Champion in 1957. After an established career in the sport, he retired to be the dedicated coach for the Canadian National Ski Team from 1964-1966. Jacobs went on to pioneer the Lange competition ski boot while serving as Vice President for the company, and in the late 70s set out to manufacture his own line of apparel.
Jacobs's early design was an innovative padded racing sweater that quickly took the racing community by storm. The company quickly exploded in popularity and in less than a decade, Spyder went on to begin producing one-piece “speed suits”, designed to push the limits of skiing velocity and competitive edge. The U.S. ski team... saw Spyder’s inventive potential and signed the company as their official supplier in 1989.

The International Standard for Competition

The Spyder ski jacket and speed suits quickly became the worldwide staple of racing gear. Wearing their outerwear, the U.S. ski team secured multiple medals throughout a two-year period utilizing SpeedWyre technology. These wind-drag-reducing designs were then banned, citing the unfair advantage that they gave to skiers who were them.
Today, the brand clothes skiers at all ability levels, with 90% of their sales coming from recreationists. Spyder continues to chart new pathways and currently designs an outerwear line designed for the growing sub-sport of freeskiing.

Spyder Clothing’s Advanced Outerwear Technology

At the world competition level, the smallest details can contribute to a win or loss. Spyder’s focus on its professional customers has resulted in a brand that always prioritizes cutting-edge technology. They stand as the leaders in ski apparel insulation, breathability, and waterproofing. EXO Technology is a proprietary fabric design that keeps skiers optimally dry and warm in all conditions. The EXO Shield outer shell and waterproof membrane, combined with EXO Thermo, help regulate core body temperatures and block out moisture.
Most Spyder ski jackets and pants utilize Primaloft and Sorona insulation, repelling large amounts of water and making it incredibly easy to dry when it does become wet. Products equipped with Dermizex have a waterproof rating of 20K, ensuring that moisture is never a concern in even the wettest of conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Spyder a good coat brand?

Absolutely. Spyder jackets are engineered with maximum insulation and water-wicking properties for a wide range of outdoor activities and conditions.

Are Spyder jackets waterproof?

Most Spyder jackets are waterproof. Both Dermizax and GORE-TEX are used by the brand to promote maximum water resistance. Waterproof ratings are commonly either 20K or 10K.

Is Spyder better for skiing or snowboarding?

Although Spyder was originally created for skiers, it can be universally used with snowboarding as well. In fact, Spyder has been a partner with the U.S. Ski and Snowboard team for decades, proving that it can be used in both activities.

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