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About Suunto Canada

Point North and wander confidently with Suunto sports watches and compasses. Extreme adventures need quality gear, trek safely with Suunto products.

Reach new summits with Suunto

A Finnish company with a knack for hand-crafted precision instruments, Suunto remains headquartered next to its manufacturing company in Finland. A small-scale company with widespread reach, Suunto was originally founded in the 1930s with its first patented product being a wrist-mounted compass with a ground-breaking level of durability.
Through a world war and some changing of hands, Suunto has expanded its product base and equipment designs to remain high quality and innovative for the adventurer seeking new heights. ...Compasses expanded into watches and further into sensors designed to monitor training statistics.
These sports watches do much more than track heart rate and tell time. Suunto lifestyle and sports watches both function as GPS trackers, and many offer other applications that monitor distances, barometric readings, and even elevation. With Suunto, trekking far and wide doesn’t mean you have to worry about losing the way.

An intelligent watch for all your outdoor adventures

Altitude Sports offers Suunto’s line of various compass models, sports watches, wearable sensors, and even bicycle sensors. You can find low profile and standard styles with interchangeable watch bands and rechargeable natures.
These watches can hold up to 7 days of charge while using GPS tracking, and many models offer smart battery functions to monitor and simplify where your battery power goes over time. If you’re one for longer adventures, no worries, pair your watch with a compass and navigate confidently. If you’re just starting out or an outdoor veteran, there’s something for everyone to stay safe and reap the benefits of communing with nature.
Suuntos’ patented compass designs allow them to last over rough terrain and a lot of pocket carrying. Precision calibration and detailed orientation measures are just a start. These [compasses also feature mirrors and water-resistant cases just add to the tools’ longevity in the field.

Wander Confidently with Altitude Sports

Altitude Sports is proud to showcase Suunto products as a part of our navigation, precision instrument, and smartwatch products. Navigate our intuitive product pages easily and browse any one of our product listings for more information. Detailed descriptions and verified customer reviews let you know exactly what you’re looking at so you can purchase with confidence. Each product on our site was chosen with care and the intention of making the outdoors and an active lifestyle accessible to anyone no matter their level.
Make use of our favorites feature under each product image–click the little heart icon to create your own personal list to come back to later if needed. We want you to have complete confidence when shopping and a great purchasing experience; enjoy free shipping over $74 and a 30-day return policy just in case you aren’t completely happy, for whatever reason.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to calibrate my Suunto smartwatch compass?

Suunto smartwatch compasses recalibrate as you use them, however, recalibration may be necessary if it has been around a large amount of metal (like in an airplane) or a magnet, the service menu was accessed, or the battery was changed.

How long does a Suunto watch battery last?

Suunto smartwatch batteries that are not rechargeable last 12-18 months on average, depending on usage. Extended use periods where lighting, notifications, etc. are used decrease battery life faster. Suunto’s rechargeable watch batteries can last about 5 days on a charge.

Is Suunto or Garmin better?

Both Suunto and Garmin offer incredible products for navigation and smartwatches, both you can find here. While they have some small differences in features, we recommend you read the descriptions of both to decide which fits your lifestyle the best.

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