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About Tacx

Only the elite know that their cycling training doesn’t have to stop just because the weather has turned. With Tacx indoor trainers, you can keep pushing.

An Obsession With All Things Bicycle

The origins of Tacx grew out of one simple need: help cyclists with their equipment and training. The company opened its doors in the Netherlands in 1957, dedicating itself as a trusted bike and repair shop. Driven to meet the needs of their passionate customers, Tacx operated their small shop for over 12 years before reinventing their approach. In 1969, they began manufacturing their own line of rollers, bike carriers, and indoor trainers - a specialization that they continue to perfect to this day with their smart trainer.
Family-owned and operated, Tacx is comprised of three generations of cycle-obsessed Scandinavians who want nothing more than to make cycling training easier, and more ...integrative, than ever before. Since 2019, Tacx has been under the wing of Garmin, allowing them to grow to a scale never before experienced.

Innovating the World’s Smart Bike Trainer

Whether there is three feet of snow on the road or you simply need a quick session to kickstart your day, Tacx makes the trainers athletes need to elevate their performance and fitness. Even with Garmin’s acquisition, Tacx still produces every single one of its products in its facility in the Netherlands. Completely automated and operated exclusively by robots, their production process is a testament to the ongoing technological advancement that they strive for within the company.
In 2000, Tacx became the first indoor trainer company to implement computer chips into their products for advanced, intelligent performance. As this technology grew, so did Tacx’s innovation. They now feature an extensive smart bike trainer product line that covers all bases for budding cyclists and veterans alike. Their smart trainer technology means you can challenge yourself without any additional software, and the integrated motor consistently mimics the conditions of a natural road for optimum rider performance.

Equipment Partner of Winners

While even the most amateur cyclist can benefit from the basic trainers produced by Tacx, the world’s elite athletes have consistently used them to explode their fitness and ability behind the handlebars. Tacx is a technical partner for countless teams around the globe, providing WorldTour, Pro-continental, and mountain biking cyclists with the exceptional bike trainer equipment that’s needed to meet the demanding requirements of high-level competition.
This relationship that Tacx has with top-tier athletes is a crucial reason for their exceptional quality. Winners need a bike trainer that’ll prepare them to ride at peak fitness levels, and Tacx stops at nothing short of making this happen. The chopping block of competition is what pushes their genius.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Tacx owned by Garmin?

Yes. Tacx was acquired by Garmin in 2019, greatly providing the company with the assets it needed to become the leading bike trainer company.

What is Tacx?

Tacx is the inventive company behind many inventive cycling products used for training. From their smart trainer to rollers, they have all of the equipment that amateurs and top athletes need.

Is the Tacx app free?

The Tacx training app does come in a free version with access to limited capabilities. While you’ll be able to create workouts and analyze your training, the full catalog of training plans is only available in the premium edition.

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