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About Timberland

Born in 1973, the original Timberland boots were a product of an immigrant family investing in Abington Shoe Company and filling a need for the people of New England. Built to conquer the outdoors the “Timberlands” were the company’s first waterproof boot built to withstand a climate that can swing to either end of the spectrum at a moment’s notice.
Timberland’s heritage inspires its wearers to enjoy, explore, and care for nature with every step. Beyond this, Timberland soon transcended social class with its entrance into the rap and hip-hop world as a fashion statement. Yellow nubuck soon became the brand’s iconic look, though it has a variety of different functional and fashionable products on the market today.
Regardless of where their journey has taken them, Timberland continues to give back... to the environment with partnerships, efforts, and planting its ten-millionth tree in 2020.

Timberland at Altitude Sports

From chelsea boots to hiking boots to stylish winter commuter boots, your feet will be dry, warm, and comfortable. A variety of footwear serving different styles and functions can all be found at Altitude Sports. Morning commutes, grocery runs, subway trips, sidewalk strolls, and afternoon hikes all demand high-quality and durable footwear designed to last miles, no matter the terrain.
Stomp any kind of yard you find, as long as it's outside. The brands we offer are carefully curated to inspire adventure, excitement, and kindling of love for the outdoors. Find joy old and new in nature and suburbia both with a new pair of shoes or boots. Genuine adventure is just as important to us as it is to you, your family, and your friends.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Timberland boots run true to size?

It depends on the model. Most Timberland hiking boots run true to size, however many of the original models like the original waterproof work boot can run up to a full size larger than its listed size. Check our listings’ reviews!

How are Timberland boots supposed to fit?

A snug fit with no more than a ½ inch of slippage at the heel is ideal. Make sure you can wiggle your toes easily and if you wear thick socks, these could add half a shoe size.

How do you get the smell out of leather boots?

Well-worn leather may pick up an unpleasant smell from our feet. Try putting them in a plastic bag and placing them in the freezer overnight or placing a sock liner filled with baking soda in them. Foot spray may help, too.

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