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About Topo Designs

Topo Designs makes accessories and apparel ready for both urban and backcountry adventures. Ethically made and comfortably designed by seasoned outdoor explorers, this brand wants the whole world outside.

Keepin’ It Local

Bred in the great outdoors of Colorado, Topo Designs got its start as a small cottage company back in 2008, when Jedd Rose discovered the art of sewing for the first time. His friend and co-founder, Mark Hansen, worked hard to source responsible manufacturing facilities and like-minded people to collaborate with.
Topo Designs focuses on beautiful and durable products with a functionality similar to the gear they grew up with. The brand manufactures products in Colorado and has expanded production across the globe as they extend their line of ...bags, backpacks, accessories and apparel.
Their classic designs encourage customers to not only get outside, but enjoy what they’re doing and bring people together. Whether you’re an adventure seeker, city explorer or working hard, Topo Designs pairs fashion-forward styles and performance-driven quality to prepare you for anything.

Ethical Manufacturing

Topo Designs holds their business accountable by using a five-step process: Product, Process, People, Environment and Life Cycle. This segmented approach ensures that each aspect of production is handled with proper care and engagement.
The formula aims to reduce virgin materials, increase recycled fabrics, and utilise ethically-sourced wool. This movement also reduces waste, harmful chemicals, and energy consumption.
They collaborate with innovative manufacturers to maintain high-quality output and responsible relationships with workers. Factories in Canada produce insulation components; Mexico makes organic cotton tees; and Vietnam produces the Quick Pack, Light Pack, and theiconic Rover Pack.
To increase the longevity of their products, they use tough fabrics and have introduced a Repair Program––encouraging customers to mend their well-loved products instead of ditching them for new ones. At their discretion, they’ll even fix your gear so nature stays healthy and the landfills stay empty.

Step Outside Together

What makes a company truly sustainable? If you guess community involvement and nature preservation, you guessed right. While Topo Designs spends countless hours tweaking, improving and pumping out good quality gear, they still find time for the rest of us and our leafy pals.
Through their efforts to bring the community together and revamp the old outdoor, so to speak, Topo Designs has developed a movement they call The New Outdoor™. This initiative encourages all walks of life to get outside and get moving.
They’ve created a diverse roster of ambassadors ranging from pro-climbers, photographers, artists, scientists and anglers of different abilities and experiences to spread the idea that anything is possible. The brand affirms that representation matters if we want to maintain an inclusive outdoor experience.
MAP Pact––Maintain. Act. Protect.––has been a driving force behind the brand's involvement in the environment. They collaborate with various organisations to host events that include trash picking, marathon support, and trail maintenance. This brings folks together and keeps nature clean.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Topo brand?

The Topo brand started producing packs as a small cottage company back in 2008. The brand has since expanded their line to include not only backpacks but other bags, accessories and apparel while sticking to their roots in Colorado.

Where are Topo Designs made?

Topo Designs prioritises items made in Colorado, where they produce many packs and apparel, but has expanded across the globe as the brand grows. These international factories are selected to produce products based on available materials, internal policies, and build quality.
They produce in places such as Canada––for insulation pieces, Mexico––for organic cotton tees and Vietnam––for technical shells and packs.

Is Topo Designs ethical?

Topo Designs is an ethically conscious company. They prioritise the impact they, and their customer base, has on the world.
From breaking the company’s internal process into five segments––Product, Process, People, Environment and Life Cycle––to their revolutionary movement, The New Outdoor™, and MAP Pact, the company holds themselves accountable for their environmental and social impact without missing a beat.

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