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UGG has forever lived between bold fashion and extreme comfort, giving you the confidence to let your innermost feelings shine through your outermost self. This season, FEELS LIKE UGG is their Global Brand Campaign expressed through vivid emotions distinctive to how you feel when wearing UGG.

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About UGG Canada

Bold and luxurious, UGG brings a provocative approach to outdoor fashion wear. The brand got its start in the warmth and has dominated the cold-weather category for decades. Trust UGG to keep you warm and comfortable during your day-to-day life.

A Sunny Start

Almost six decades ago in the groovy year of 1978, UGG was born. An Australian surfer by the name of Brian Smith travelled to Southern California with big ideas. It was there that the Classic Boot made of sheepskin was created.
The boot required little effort to slip on after a long day on the coast or in between surfs and quickly became a beach culture hit. This was followed by a cult-like interest from celebrities around the globe which was soon... picked up by the general public.
After a short dip in popularity in the early 2010s, the classic UGG boot has made a well-deserved comeback that’s here to stay. This can be attributed to both the resurging recognition of the timeless and functional boot but also the company’s long standing ability to produce high-end fashion apparel and accessories.
UGGs reputation has stood the test of their pop culture success and makes some of the best outdoor fashion wear available on the market. Whether you’re looking for a pair of easy summer sandals, tough and durable leather boots or luxury apparel to lounge in, UGG has got what you’re looking for.

Sustainable Regeneration

It’s clear that UGG is unapologetically dedicated to sustainable business practices. They’ve even created a website that focuses solely on the impact they have on the environment.
While all of their leather is Leather Working Group Certified, 98% of UGGs wool is only a by-product of the food industry; their corporate headquarters reached an outstanding goal of using 100% renewable energy back in 2021 with 1,170 solar panels; and, 100% of their down is certified by the Responsible Down Standard.
Having already employed over 33,000 women through the HERproject, the brand plans to employ 100,000 more by 2027; are dedicated donors of GLAAD; and, promise to increase their BIPOC representation to 25% at the executive level.
UGG doesn’t shy away from opening up to the world. From product design to social impact and partnering with organisations that shepherd our world, there’s nothing UGG isn’t doing right.

Out in the World

There’s something that needs to be said about UGGs overnight success among celebrities and fashion icons alike. From Oprah declaring UGG boots as one of her favourites in the early 2000’s and Sarah Jessica Parker sporting iconic UGG shoes throughout the 2010s to Rihanna making the UGG brand one of her go-to’s and Dua Lipa’s recent interest in their footwear, UGG has made a huge cultural impact.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does UGG stand for?

UGG is a derivative of the word “ugly” with a splash of a sigh of disgust, “ugh”. The founder of UGG held a passionate vision of a provocative and real company and the name reflects just that. Cue an attitude fueled eye roll.

When did UGGs go out of style?

UGG, the brand, never really went out of style. Over the years, UGG has expanded their high-end reputation creating such products as their iconic Adirondack Winter Boots to comfy apparel and luxury Turn Cuff Gloves.
But, their Classic Boot made of sheepskin did see a dip in popularity a few years back in the 2010s. This only amplifies the charm these slip-ons possess today. The boots are now recognised for their timeless style and functionality. They’ve made a big comeback and we hope they’re here to stay.

How do you check if UGGs are real?

Real UGGs will typically feature a holographic patch or sticker sewn into the product or on the shoebox. Sewn patches are usually found on the left shoe. For more information, you can check out UGGs official Counterfeit Education page.

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