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About Viberg Boots

For over nine decades, Viberg has produced handcrafted, luxury leather boots. If you’re looking for a family-owned, canadian company that you can rely on, look no further than Viberg Boots.

A Legacy Is Born

In 1930’s Saskatchewan, Viberg got its start at the hands of Edwin Viberg––a craftsman dedicated to producing boots for farmers that eventually became popular among anyone seeking reliable and durable footwear.
Towards the end of the 1940’s, Edwin moved his business to Prince George, British Columbia––an area full of trees. Edwin saw this as an opportunity to spread his to another niche: hardworking loggers who needed hardworking boots.
When Edwin’s son, Glen Viberg, inherited the company, he brought the brand to global status by introducing their luxury leather boots to Japan. The Japanese market swooned over high-quality leather-made goods at the time and because of this, Viberg’s collections exploded in the country.
This move would prove to be a pivotal moment in the brands history, allowing them to experiment and expand their line beyond what they thought was possible.
Now, on its third generation in the Viberg family, the brand has remained a handcrafted business. Currently owned by Edwin’s grandson, Brett Viberg, the company lives up to their reputation of producing the finest handcrafted leather boots and shoes in Canada.

It’s All in the Craft

Following their success in Japan, Viberg got to work designing, producing and redesigning the future of the company. But, not without the originality of their humble and industrious past. Each product is made of responsibly sourced parts that come from various locations around the world depending on local craftship.
Leather is sourced from ethical tanneries in America and Italy; brass hardware comes from England; and, insoles are made in Spain. The components are then pieced together by hand in Viberg’s family-owned factory.
Taking inspiration from military boots of the time, the original model that the brand was known for is apparent in their modern and iconic Service Boot®. Ankle high, with a rounded-heel and an almond-shaped toe box turned slightly upward, the company continues to innovate their most beloved boot.
Beyond the beloved Service Boot, Viberg offers a plethora of stylish and versatile footwear. Including the likes of their sleek Bastion Oxford, lacey Halkett Boot, and the timeless Chelsea Boot.
After a hard working day with a pair of Scout Boots slip into a pair of Derby Shoes for an elegant evening out on the town. Never compromising on quality, Viberg’s handcrafted boots and shoes are durable, long-lasting and timeless.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are Viberg Boots made?

You’ll be happy to know that Viberg Boots are made in Canada. That’s right, Canada. Their boots and footwear are handcrafted in Victoria, BC. And, the son of the founder, Glen, still works on the production line.
Each boot is made in their canadian factory with top-of-the-line leather that’s sourced from responsible tanneries in America and Italy while brass is sourced from England and insoles come from Spain. The process is concluded with a careful inspection to maintain quality control.

Who owns Viberg Boots?

Viberg Boots is owned by Brett Viberg––the grandson of the founder, Ed Viberg.

How do Viberg service boots fit?

In general, Viberg Boots advises that their footwear runs roughly one full size larger than US shoe sizing. They recommend that you size down by one from your North American Brannock measurement or select a size based on your UK measurement.
For broader feet, a half size down is advised. Women’s feet will best fit a size that is three times smaller than your typical US size.

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