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About Vibram

Well-known for its FiveFingers products, Vibram’s founder Vitale Bramani saw a need he could meet when it came to sole durability to last even the rockiest terrain. Roots run deep with Vitale being an avid member of the Italian Alpine Club and creating the world’s first sole guaranteed for its life of the shoe.
Expanding its technology to biomechanical forces, Vibram has constantly created new designs and materials to create an ergonomic and unmatched performance experience. Vibram doesn’t only offer a glove-like shoe for your foot, it offers a specially-constructed biomechanical experience that can actually change how you walk, saving your feet and joints valuable wear and tear time.
Each new Vibram design is carefully created and designed with... the original Carramatto sole in mind. Each rubber lug is placed thoughtfully and with purpose, with the intent of creating grip and functional performance in wet, ice, or rocky terrain.

Vibram Canada and Altitude Sports

Altitude Sports supports everyone getting outside and enjoying the outdoors. New, innovative, and ground-breaking products are a part of making that dream a reality and opening new doors for people. With performance and sensory experiences a part of their goals, Vibram is that unique brand that offers incredible value to your closet and adventure experience.
Vibram can carry you farther and with more genuine connection now than ever before. Designed to provide durable protection and thoughtfulness to specific adventuring and cultural communities, these footwear models are nonetheless exquisite pieces to have.
If you want to venture into the barefoot community or just try something new, take advantage of our free shipping over $74 and 30-day return policy. We want you to shop and purchase confidently, and not feel outcasted if something you chose isn’t the right fit.

Ten Toes and Beyond

FiveFingers footwear models cover all ten toes and create a one-of-a-kind experience on the trail or during everyday wear. Built especially to be closer to nature without wearing out and wearing thin, FiveFingers create a natural, ergonomic step and a sensory experience intended to get you closer to the ground you’re walking on.
While the unique FiveFingers design has helped change the way people look at their feet and footwear, as well as outdoor experiences, Vibram continues to innovate and be inspired by diverse concepts; the furoshiki shoe is inspired by the Japanese concept of wrapping. In this application, the shoe’s sole is wrapped around almost the entire foot and accompanied by a mesh upper to provide a custom feel for any foot shape.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I wash my FiveFingers?

Hand washing is best for your new pair of FiveFingers. Use cold water with a gentle detergent and air dry when done. If venturing into the ocean or pool, rinse them with cool water immediately after getting out.

How should my FiveFingers shoes fit?

In simple terms, like a glove. FiveFingers are made to fit close to your toes and feet. If they feel too big or small, they probably are. Take a look at our verified reviews to see how the sizing runs.

How does a men’s versus women’s FiveFingers shoe fit?

Men’s FiveFingers are slightly longer and wider than a women’s design in the same size. Depending on the size and shape of your foot, you may find that either design fits better. Make sure the fit is just right regardless.

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