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About Volcom Canada

Made for riders, by riders. Volcom is determined to provide the entire boardsports industry with quality gear and streetwear that’s inspired by raw, unabridged obsession.

From Passion Comes Creativity

Inspirational ideas never stem from the mundane. Volcom’s brand grew out of the decision of two friends to quit their jobs, chase powder, and pursue what was true to them. Richard Woolcott and Tucker Hall’s initial idea to start a clothing company came from a 2-week trip to Tahoe where the pair blew off their jobs and enjoyed endless snowfall for days. Woolcott and Hall were lifelong skaters, snowboarders, and surfers and wanted to apply this passion they had to their company. They utilized a $5,000 loan from Woolcott’s father and slowly set out on their adventure to manufacture stylish clothing and gear that all board sport enthusiasts could enjoy.
Growth was slow, with the first year’s sales only amounting to a few thousand dollars. Slowly but surely, Volcom’s traction grew in the community and they eventually... transcended to an international level, now clothing and equipping past and future generations of riders.

Sustainably Sourced, Consciously Produced

Since their humble beginnings, Volcom’s creative spirit has always been determined to create products that are friendly to the earth. The modern lifestyle brand is constantly reinventing new ways to make their apparel through new sourcing, innovative materials, and a refusal to utilize anything overtly damaging. Their Repreve products are manufactured with 95% recycled water bottles, and the ECO-TRUE Simply Solid collection is made with recycled nylon from discarded fishing nets.
Volcom offers honest transparency of its entire supply chain in an industry that’s often overshadowed by corruption and poor working conditions. The brand follows its organic cotton from the source and has initiated the Farm to Yarn program to empower women and farmers in the Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh regions where the cotton originates from. This dedication to sustainability results in customers being able to enjoy Volcom jackets and Volcom jeans with a clear conscious.

A Team of Board Riders

Volcom’s entire motto is to be “true to this” and nothing would be more appropriate than supporting the riders and sports that the brand draws inspiration from. Volcom has a lengthy list of ambassadors throughout skating, surfing, and snowboarding, all of which bolster the up-and-coming youth culture of board sports.
Supporting snowboarding continues to be a primary motivation for the brand. Volcom sponsors veteran riders from past generations and kids new to the scene. From Jamie Lynn and Bryan (The Guch) Iguchi to Hailey Langland and Marcus Kleveland, both young and old can find influence from watching these Volcom riders shred. No matter how the brand evolves and where it goes, you can trust that Volcom will always be behind the raw talent of the industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

How ethical is Volcom?

Volcom is committed to ethical sourcing and product manufacturing. They meet the Fair Labor Standard and started the P.A.S.S. (product and social safety) program to ensure all Volcom ski jackets and Volcom snowboard jackets are made with sustainability in mind.

Who owns Volcom now?

Volcom is currently owned by Authentic Brands Group, a conglomerate that owns many apparel brands like Aéropostale and Nautica.

Is Volcom a Canadian brand?

Volcom is an international brand that has a market in Canada. However, Volcom was started in Costa Mesa, California.

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