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About Wigwam Socks

American-made and designed for both the active and the business-oriented, Wigwam socks are a high-quality choice to cradle and cushion your feet inside your footwear. Beginning in Wisconsin in 1905 with a pair of hand-knitted, red-topped sporting socks, this company has stayed loyal to its roots and community.
The wool used in many of its products is sourced whenever possible from American yarn spinners that in turn buy from American wool growers. Even venturing into lobbying ventures within the United States political system, this company pushes to provide sustainable products while keeping true to its 100-year history.
Operating with strong intention to uphold outstanding integrity with... each pair produced, these socks are from a company that’s not only committed to its product but its employees and its community. In the past Wigwam has even ventured into knitted swimwear and dog sweaters.

Wigwam Sock and Altitude Sports

Altitude Sports and Wigwam share a passion for proper foot care; after all, it's what keeps us moving and grooving throughout the day if that’s our primary method of transportation. Wigwam knows how important a quality sock is, no matter the shoe it’s going into.
Ankle height, crew height, compression, and even socks specific for those with diabetes, keep their wearers comfortable, supported, and active. Non-poly blends friendly to the environment help ensure sustainability and minimize the carbon footprint of the company as a whole.
These socks are designed to last for miles of wear, and years of adventures. Natural fibers including merino wool create a one of a kind experience for each and every toe. Stepping into the gym or outside the tent, from liners to outers, has never felt so good.

Wool socks for men and women

Socks are a staple regardless of the shoe and are the first line of defense your feet have against any irregular wear, less-than-ideal footwear, or extra rough terrain. Find the best sock for your feet and your lifestyle right here.
Remember liners accompany your wool socks, and therapeutic compression is ideal for those with diabetes and a little extra swelling. Dress socks need to withstand the wear and tear of a dancefloor, long business meeting, or morning commute just the same as those hiking a scenic trail.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are Wigwam socks made?

Wigwam produces all of its knit socks domestically. Since 1905 Sheboygan, Wisconsin has been where Wigwam calls home and to this day it continues to proudly manufacture socks to last you through the years.

How do I wash my Wigwam socks?

Begin by turning your socks inside out. Wash them in warm water (never with bleach), and tumble dry on low heat, removing promptly when done. Do not use fabric softeners when washing wigwam socks, this can damage the fibers.

Do I need a liner with wool socks?

Liners wick moisture away from the foot to the outer sock, where it evaporates. When wearing wool socks, your feet will be warm and will likely sweat, creating excess moisture. Liners keep moisture away from the feet while remaining breathable.

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