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About Yoga jeans

Born and raised in Canada, Yoga Jeans are style-first, comfort-forward denim products to wear to yoga class and a nice dinner afterward.

Built For Yoga and For Life

Yoga Jeans is a Canadian clothing company specializing in sustainable denim yoga pants. They focus on creating comfortable offerings for inside and out of the yoga studio. With a pair of Yoga Jeans Denim, you get comfort, looks, and the timeless style of denim.
While Yoga Jeans work primarily with denim, these aren’t your grandparents' denim clothes. Yoga Jeans use special 4-stretch technology and the softest fabrics around to create a unique blend of stretchy denim chic. The company also... uses shape memory technology, allowing each piece of clothing to hug and stick to your unique curves.
In addition, the exclusive waistband moulds to your body, alleviating pinch points and creating a wonderfully supportive sensation. The result is a pair of jeans that feels outrageously comfortable, moves with your body and hugs your curves throughout the day without becoming too baggy.

Yoga Jeans Demin, A Uniquely Canadian Offering

The company began in 2011, although its inception occurred long before that. Founder Eric Wazana always enjoyed the look of denim but wanted to give the look something it was sorely missing: comfort. By perfecting stretch technologies, he and his younger brother set out to redefine the genre by making jeans stretchy enough to do yoga.
Yoga Jeans owns and operates all of its manufacturing in Canada and sells its products around the country. At Altitude Sports, you can shop for the best Yoga Jeans available, like the Yoga Jeans Chloe Classic Rise straight, skinny and high rise varieties. You can also shop for Yoga Jeans Emily Barbuda High Rise Slim Jeans, Rachel Prague High Rise Skinny Jeans and Emily High Rise Jeans.
While other companies constantly expand offerings, often diluting their core products, Yoga Jeans has different aspirations. Founder Eric Wazana explains that denim is constantly expanding as a medium, and he plans to have the company stay at the front of the field. Yoga Jeans will challenge your understanding of how versatile denim can really be.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Yoga Jeans made in Canada?

Yes, and proudly. The company has its headquarters and manufacturing plant near Montreal, in the town of St-Come Linière, QC, Canada. Since 2011, they have been owned and operated by Canadians in Canada.

Do Yoga Jeans shrink?

Yes, but there are many ways to prevent excessive shrinking. Only wash when Yoga Jeans are very dirty, follow the washing directions on the tag, turn the jeans inside out to limit colour fading, and line dry when possible. Stocking jeans in a tumble dryer will cause an accelerated amount of shrinking to occur.

Do Yoga Jeans Denim fit true to size?

Yes, for the vast majority of people, Yoga Jeans fit true to size. It’s important to take appropriate measurements or know your specific measurements before buying online.

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