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About Zeal Optics

Clear, well-contrasted and durable eye-wear for all of your outdoor adventures. Zeal Optics takes specs to a whole other level with a sustainable approach.

A Clear Start

Zeal was born in the great outdoors of Boulder, Colorado in 1997. Made by the people who wear them, their optics were created out of necessity for durable and safe eyewear that’s reliable in the field.
The brand has created a line of sunglasses and goggles that are tested by over a hundred ambassadors before hitting the shelves. Ranging from photographers and ...videographers to fishers, surfers and climbers, their shades are worn by some of the best explorers in the world.
If you’re looking for a pair of eye protection that’s easy on the pockets and doesn’t compromise on quality, look no further. Zeal Optics is the choice for adventure seekers who care about their eyes and seeing the world.

Winter Clarity

Their goggle technology comes in three ranges based on weather conditions. Optimum for stormy days with no chance of sun; Polarized for overcast days and a speckle of sun; and, finally, Auto+––the beast of all three, ready for anything.
Their designs are regarded as state-of-the-art eye protection. Their line of goggles offer other various advantageous features for a comfortable day out on the slopes
Some of these technologies include their Observation Deck Technology which allows you to see every inch of the mountain around you; their patented Rail Lock System that allows for a removable lens; their award-winning Asian Fit Goggles which removes gaps for low nose-bridges.
Choosing a pair of Zeal eye protection for your next winter adventure is simply a no-brainer.

Daily Eye Protection

All sunglass lenses are made of their signature Ellume Polarized technology. This means their lenses are plant-based, block 100% of UVA/UVB/UVC rays, reduce glare by 99.9% and block harmful high-energy blue light. This allows for a crisper, more vivid view of the world while keeping your eyes safe.
For the toughest conditions, they pair this protection with Photochromatic technology to make Auto Sun, a lens designed for those long, arduous days outside.
Their frames are made up of Z-Resin––derived from the castor plant––which significantly reduces that amount of CO2 emissions released into our air. The nose bridge features ProFlex––a porous rubber material that gets stickier with heat, ensuring the glasses stay on your face.
Durable, light and stylish, Zeal has got you covered when it comes to harsh, sunny conditions.

Giving Back

Zeal has partnered with 1% For The Planet––an enterprise that prevents corporate greenwashing, certifies credible philanthropy and audits accountability within businesses. They’ve supported Zeal in their efforts to improve their role in the community through relationships with other foundations.
This environmentally conscious collaboration includes the likes of Shades for Seeds, Tree Canada, and SOS Outreach. By participating in these causes, Zeal is removing plastic from our oceans, planting trees in Canada and supporting at-risk youth and their futures by getting them outside on the mountains.
They want everyone to see a cleaner, clearer, and inclusive world.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Zeal sunglasses made by Maui Jim?

Zeal sunglasses are not made by Maui Jim. However, they were acquired as a subsidiary of Maui Jim in 2011.

Is Zeal Optics sustainable?

All of Zeal Optics frames and lenses are made from plant-based materials. This includes their signature Ellume Polarized lenses. This technology allows for a clear, contrasted and colour-balanced experience from all of their eye-wear.
The company’s sustainability doesn’t stop there. They’ve pledged 1% For The Planet by teaming up with various organisations to keep our environment safe and inclusive for everyone. From picking plastic out of the ocean to planting trees in Canada, there’s no end to their involvement in saving our planet.

Where are Zeal Optics manufactured?

Zeal Optics products are manufactured in various locations based on local expertise. Their flagship store and headquarters are located in Boulder, Colorado––where they started the company.

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