Air Speed Mirror Racing Goggles - Unisex

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The innovative and ultra comfortable arena unisex Goggles Airspeed Mirror are perfect for competitive swimmers. The hard, wide lenses ensure an excellent panoramic vision. The innovative air seals with honeycomb design are developed to compress and adapt to your face, distributing the pressure only where needed, for a super light feeling. Delivered with three interchangeable nose bridges for perfect customization to different face and nose shapes. The dual strap is easily adjustable at the back of the head and guarantees stable fit, even during start and turn. The goggles are equipped with anti-fog coating, UV protection 400 and are PVC free. A hard arena goggles case for protection and safe transportation of the goggles is available separately. The anti-fog coating can be easily refreshed with the eye-compatible arena anti-fog spray which is available separately.

• Extremely comfortable, mirrored racing goggles with innovative seal
• Innovative air seals for super light feeling, lenses with UV protection
• Three interchangeable nose bridges, hard lenses, dual strap, PVC free
• Ideal for competitive swimmers
• 50% Polycarbonate, 30% Thermoplastic Rubber, 20% Silicone
• Refresh the anti-fog coating of the goggles in a fast and easy way with the innovative and safe to the eyes arena anti-fog spray, which is available separately.

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