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The refillable avalanche airbag compressed air cylinder is the power and driving force behind the BCA Float system. When the Float trigger is pulled, the Float 1.0 system activates the release of 2,700 psi of compressed air, inflating the airbag. Comes with Consumer Refill Kit (Five o-rings, allen key, vacuum grease, and toothpick) for refilling.

• Compatible with all BCA Float 1.0 Avalanche Airbag systems.
• Refillable at any of BCA’s 200+ certified refill locations..

• Materials: 290 ml aluminum compressed air cylinder
• Volume: Filled to 2,700 psi (Full)
• Weight: 1.4 pounds / 624 grams (Full), 1.25 pounds / 567 grams (Empty)
• Certification: DOT, TC, and TUV certified
• Only compatible with Float Airbag Systems

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